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Abnormality – Interview

Posted May 27, 2016 by Ron in Interviews

Abnormality – Interview by

Interview & Photos by: Ron Senyo

Abnormality is an extreme attack of brutal metal aimed right at your cranium. Fronted by the extraordinary Mallika Sundaramurthy. The Massachusetts based band burst onto the metal scene in 2005 with former members of Goratory, Ascendancy, Sexcrement, Revengeance, and Iranach. In 2010 they released their debut EP The Collective Calm In Mortal Oblivion that laid the foundation for their high quality and technical brand of metal. They followed up in 2012 with the critically acclaimed full-length Contaminating The Hive Mind.

April of 2016 saw the release of the band’s greatest effort thus far Mechanisms Of Omniscience. This album is explosive and dynamic and is destine to thrust Abnormality to the forefront of their genera. In support of Mechanisms Of Omniscience, Abnormality are touring the US with Soulfly. Suffocation, and Battlecross. Empire Extreme caught up with them in Baltimore, MD.


Empire: Are you excited about the tour with Soulfly and Suffocation?

Sam: We are very excited about the tour with Soulfly and Suffocation
Mallika: Yeah, we’re having a blast
Josh:  Living the dream

You are from the New England area. How does the metal scene there compare to the rest of the country?
M: Every city is different, Baltimore seems to have a good death metal scene with the Maryland Death Fest.
J: Yes, our area, Worcester especially one of the best around the area coming a lot of friendly competition.
M: A lot of good bands coming out of Boston.

Abnormality has a new CD, Mechanisms of Omniscience coming out in a few days (April 29 – Metal Blade Records). What can you tell us about that and the process of making it?
S: It’s got a good pacing to it. It’s a heavy album, but at the same time it has room to breathe a little bit. You get that hyper blast, grindy kinda, in your face stuff. It also gets dark.
M: I’d say it’s more atmospheric in parts, and slower. It’s really a good balance of fast, slow, and heavy in your face.
J: Best shit we’ve ever done!
M: We are really proud of it.

Photo-Apr-28,-8-47-15-PMAre there any particular bands that have inspired you to do this type of metal?
S: Aggressive death metal and some progressive metal something that stands out. A lot of newer bands. I like Artificial Brain.
M: Origin and Hate Eternal. Careful song crafting thought went into it.
J: Suffocation and Cryptopsy.

What has been the reaction you’ve gotten from people not knowing about you and seeing a female singer and hearing her growls?
S: A lot of people sitting there jerking off not dancing.
M: It’s different reactions. Some people aren’t that surprise and others just can’t wrap their heads around it or can’t get passed it. Our hope is when there hear our music there not thinking about that. When they hear it on the radio the probably have no idea who’s fronting the band and we hope they like the music for the music sake. I was born with a vagina and I can’t change that . I love death metal and I’m making the music.

If you guys had the opportunity to play any festival in the world which would you choose?
S: Hammersonic
M: Brutal Assault
J: Coachella. I’d love to play Coachella.

Photo-Apr-28,-8-44-17-PMCarebears or My Little Pony?
M: I’m gonna go with last unicorn. I’m a rule breaker. Plus I want to add Bronies are frightening.
S: Carebears, deff’ go with Care Bears.
J: CareBears of course! Carebears movies were fucked up. That dragon that was blowing balloons?

Anything you would like to say to your fans?
S: Come see our band play. We really love to see people come out when we travel around to play music. Come check out the other bands on the tour, they can use your support too! Soulfly, Suffocation, Lody Kong all of them.
M: We are on tour for the next month! Check out the new album coming out on Metal Blade Records. We’re proud of the music we think you’ll dig it.
J: Free Tom Brady… Keep buying analog that’s the important thing. Analog!

If you had the opportunity to be AC/DC lead singer would you take it?
S: Nope…. Wait what am i saying, yes I would.
M: Who wouldn’t, you would be crazy not to take that opportunity.
J: Of course we would. They should get the guy from Accept to sing.

If you could be in a time machine and go back to see any band, what band would you see and when?
S: Metallica 86.
M: Mythic play when they were active in 91-92. That’s a cult pick..
J: I would just go to England 76, for the whole British metal scene.

If you had the opportunity to bring back a musician that has died more recently and one who has died years ago who would you bring back?
S: Dimebag, Period.
M: Jimmy Hendrix and Peter Steele. Jimmy Hendrix died way to young he just had a studio built from him and didn’t get to create his full vision.
J: Roger from Atheist and Randy Rhodes.



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