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Abnormality – Live Review

Posted June 1, 2016 by Josh Drespling in Live



By Ron Senyo

Photo-Apr-28,-8-46-39-PM This was my first time hearing of this brutal, female fronted death metal band from Massachusetts. I believe that Abnormality will soon become a constant presence and perhaps a house hold name for those into the genre.

With Mallika Sundaramurthy on vocals bellowing her growls from the depths of hell adding to the vicious chaos of guitarists Sam Kirsh and Jeremy Henry’s shredding.  Bassist Josh Staples brings a beautiful yet fierce onslaught to the low end of Abnormality’s sound. Drummer Jay Blaisdell bangs out ferocious and precise beats that make your head spin.

I got to interview several members of the band this night, including lead growler Mallika Sundaramurthy getting. Let me just say there was not an ounce of primadonna  rock star mentality with this band.  They talk to you like you have known them your whole life and are very humble to their fans.

Photo-Apr-28,-8-44-17-PMThe show kicked off with them playing the title track from Mechanism of Omniscience which was release on April 29th 2016 on Metal Blade Records. The performance of this song made you want to lose your shit and get down into the pit, which Mallika soon did. While the band stomped though “Cymatic Hallucinations” she jumped off the stage and over the security railing to join the fans in the moshing and banging a few heads along the way. Then she quickly reclaimed her spot on the stage.  The ran through a set that was entirely to short and left us all wanting more. The finished the set with “Fabrication of the Enemy”  from 2012’s Contaminating the Hive Mind album. This song simply wouldn’t let you get off this roller coaster of pure metal.

I would recommend this band to anyone who loves metal, death metal, or has notion for adventures in chaos. Over all Abnormality put on a great live show with a roster of musicians that breathe and bleed for the scene.

Abnormality is:

Mallika Sundaramurthy: Vocals

Jay Blaisdell: Drums

Josh Staples: Bass

Sam Kirsch: Guitars

Jeremy Henry: Guitars

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