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American Head Charge & Motograter (live review)

Posted May 30, 2016 by Ron in Live

American HeadCharge/Motograter

FishHead Cantina, Baltimore  May 25th 2016

By Ron Senyo

AHC-003The night stared off very well. It was a beautiful day in the Baltimore area and the Fishhead Cantina was in for a real musical treat tonight.

The first act to take the stage was a local band, Ignite the Fire. They had a good sound and even better energy. Second up was another Baltimore area band called Silence No More. I really dug these guys. They had a good old school Nu-Metal sound sorta like NothingFace or Soil. They put on a stellar show and they brought a good amount of local support.

Motograter was scheduled to be next up, but unfortunately a shit storm of bad events happened and they couldn’t make it to the venue in tiem fore there slot. They eventually did make it to the venue after the show had ended (check out my interview to find out what all happened, let’s just say it was a bad day for the Motograter camp).

AHC-002Without Motograter playing that night, American Head Charge took the stage a a bit early and didnt miss a beat as they tore it up like only AHC can. They played a good mix of songs from the all three of their albums. They opened up with “ Let All The World Believe” from the newes Tango Umbrella. This was a perfect way to start the show off. It let the crowd know what they had instore for them that night, and the crowd loved it ever second of it.

They jumped right in to some materiel from the first album which made the crowd go nuts. “Fall” and “Just So You Know” really put the crowd into a frenzy. There was headbanging, screaming, and even the ladies were going insane. I had a few women next to me during the show that not only knew every note to every song, but was going completely bonkers over them.

Lead singer Cameron brought his A-game with him on this night. With perfect singing, screams , and a love for his art. You could tell he was in the zone.

AHC-001I was situated on the side of stage as bassist Chad “Banks” Hanks and guitarist Ted Hallows, who were feeding of the crowd and just being in every moment. At one point while playing “Banks” was smoking a cig. and then handed it to a very happy girl in the crowd. While on the other side of the stage guitarist Karma Singh Cheema destroyed his guitar giving us exactly what we all wanted . Ohh yeah don’t forget drummer Chris Emery! Its kind of hard too with him wearing those insane goggles and all his antics while he destroys the drums.

American Head Charger then proceeded to play a few songs from the album “The Feeding”. They played what is by far my favorite track off that album “Loyalty”. This song to me is the definition of the kick ass, in your face music that American Head Charger brings to the table (no pun intended).

setlistEnding the night with “Seamless” was the absolute best way to end their set. During the chorus the singer held the microphone out over the crowd so we could all sing along. And that is exactly what we did, everyone in the crowd was at the top of their lungs singing “Take me, take my life” which then pauses for a second then blam! back to tearing it up.

It was such an awesome show and it was amazing seeing the American Head Charger crew again. After the show they stuck around signed some merch for everyone and took photos. Despite Motograter not playing, it was still a good night of amazing music.

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