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American Head Charge – Tango Umbrella – Review

Posted May 7, 2016 by George Archibald in CD Reviews

American Head ChargeAmerican Head Charge

Tango Umbrella

By: George Archibald:

After many years of anticipation since their last release The Feeding, American Head Charge are back. Tango Umbrella was released on March 25 and is a nod to the AHC of past. This album is everything you would expect from the band. Heavy toned guitars, hard driving drum beats and many head nodding bass riffs, all accompany Cameron Heacock’s blend of aggressive and soft vocals. The album’s production value is definitely top notch. Every piece is clear and each track stands on its own audibly.

The album jumps right in with the single “Let All The World Believe” a fast paced track. The drums pounding along pushing the tempo as the vocals kick in. Heacock’s vocals start with an almost speech like candor before pushing the envelope. This is the perfect track to set off the album. The band gives the listener a few small glimpses of the days of past with this song.

This release has some parts that remind me of the band NothingFace, especially the guitars on the track “Drowning Under Everything.” The vocals sound like a nod to Alice In Chains‘ Layne Staley, especially how Heacock delivers the melodies on “A King Among Men.”

Overall, if you were ever a fan of AHC they have lived up to every expectation on this new release that was started from a Indiegogo campaign in 2014. This truly is an album funded by the fans for the fans.



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