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Black Label Society Baltimore Show Review

Posted February 1, 2018 by Ron in Live

The Filmore Silver Springs
January 29th 2018

The banner was hanging high and proud. Black Label Society was in town tonight and everyone was anxiously waiting for the curtain to drop. Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs” was playing in the background to make the crowd even more pumped up. Then boom the curtain dropped, the air cannons exploded and Zakk Wylde and the Black Label crew came out to rock the place.

Zakk with his usual attire which is vest, beard and hair ready to be head banging all night long. BLS came right out the gate with “Genocide Junkies”. If you have never seen BLS before you are missing a high energy show with amazing talented musicians. The stage is always set up with crazy gear and Zakk knows how to please a crowd.

During the show Zakk comes out and plays piano on “In This River” which is a song about Dimebag Darell which just shows you how multi talented he really is. He also during his set likes to take his guitar while in on his back still playing it and walk into the crowd. And when I say walk into the crowd I don’t mean a few feet in, with his guitar cord that’s the longest one I have ever seen, he makes his way deep into the pit almost to the end of the club and just shreds for which seems like an eternity never missing a chord.

With Zakk in the front and center stage you think the other band mates would be lost but they are just as talented and exciting as Zakk is. Bassist John DeServio just as energetic as Zakk. Guitarist Dario Lorino shreds the guitar just as great and kills it every time. And drummer Jeff Fabb keeps up with the other crazy members of BLS just the same.

On tonight’s show we got a good mix of tunes that span 9 albums. My favorites of the night had to be “Fire it Up”and of course BLS ended with “Stillborn” which is just a killer song. Such a great show and just great to witness how amazing Zakk is in person. This is a must see band and a must see show.

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