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Borderlands – Voice of the Voiceless (review)

Posted May 29, 2016 by George Archibald in CD Reviews

Borderlands – Voice of the Voiceless

Reviewed by George Archibald

Voice of the Voiceless, the debut release from Portuguese progressive metalcore outfit Borderlands is due to be released June 10th. The band is a mix of melodic and heavy, pulling from the Djent genre quite often in their music. Having been compared in stylings to that of Northlane, Erra, and Betraying the Martyrs, Borderlands doesn’t fail to impose its will on this album. Voice of the Voiceless is full of polyrhythms, glitch picking, breakdowns, and bends to keep any listeners’ attention.

IMG_4381Borderlands has released a video for the track “Children of the Sun” to help push promotion of Voice of the Voiceless. The song starts off with choppy guitar riffing before vocalist Rui Martins, cuts in with his mix of growl and scream vocals. The drums syncopate with the beat quite well, while drummer Cristóvão Monteiro, throws in several fills on the transitions. The lead riffs accompany the melodic guitar throughout before carrying the song to its end.

Up and coming, Borderlands hopes to make an impression with Voice of the Voiceless. To anyone who is a fan of metalcore, progressive metal, or djent, VOTV can be a benchmark in your collection. With themes of empowerment throughout the album speak to the masses in banding together. You can really sense a togetherness aspect within their vocals. Voice of the Voiceless has a great blend of melodic, heavy, and soloing that should keep you coming back for more, as this album is jam packed with riffs, some may slip by you on a first time listen.

Borderlands Voice Of The Voiceless Tracklist

1. Continuum
2. Children Of The Storm
3. Release Yourself
4. Lineage
5. Limitless
6. Essencia
7. Voice Of The Voiceless
8. The Curse
9. Children Of The Sun

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