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BRING ME THE HORIZON Singer Says Band Hasn't Sold Out

Posted June 13, 2016 by Josh Drespling in Uncategorized

According to The Pulse Of Radio, BRING ME THE HORIZON frontman Oli Sykes said in a new interview with BBC Radio One that the band’s recent shift toward a more commercial sound isn’t a case of “selling out” because the group was always headed in that direction. Sykes explained: “We always wanted to be the catchiest, heaviest band. It wasn’t intentional to become an A-list radio band. It was just the music we like. We like pop music. We like catchy songs. But we also like heavy songs. None of it feels forced — none of it feels like we’re selling out. It’s real, and it’s good.”

Sykes told The Pulse Of Radio that the band’s musical progression goes hand in hand with their growth as people. “It’s got to be true to where we are at,” he said. “I think some bands at this age, when you get into fifth album and stuff as well, are still trying to sing about the same things and stuff to make the kids happy that used to listen to them. But if it’s not true to what you are, it’s not where you’re at in life, it’s gonna look transparent. I think that’s why we’ve managed to carry on as a band, because we’ve always evolved and we’ve always made music that we still really, really love. It’s not music that we used to love.”

Sykes added that the band’s evolution hasn’t cost them any fans, saying: “That’s why people from the scene still respect us, and new people are getting into it — it doesn’t feel like something we’re doing for any other reason than because we love it.”

BRING ME THE HORIZON is currently riding high on the U.S. rock radio chart with “Happy Song”, which peaked at No. 3 and is still in the Top 10. The track is taken from the band’s fifth album, “That’s The Spirit”, which debuted last September at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 album chart. The lead single from the set, “Throne”, topped the Active Rock radio chart in November.

BRING ME THE HORIZON will be touring Europe for the rest of the summer.
Source: Balbbermouth
BRING ME THE HORIZON Singer Says Band Hasn't Sold Out

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