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BrokenRail – Self-Titled EP (review

Posted November 21, 2016 by Josh Drespling in CD Reviews


Self-Titled EP

Review by Josh Drespling

reducedThe hard driving, post-grunge, radio-ready outfit BrokenRail are set to release their Self-titled EP on November 25th. This four-piece hailing from Birmingham, Alabama, have released this EP as a teaser or an hors d’oeuvre, if you will, to stay off the loyal and rabid fans waiting for their full-length release that has been held up by production delays and mounting industry interest in the full album.

Upon initially listening to BrokenRail you will find an uncanny familiarity with their songs and style. Before you know it your will be singing along with the clean and crisp vocals that would make members of Shidendown, Three Days Grace, and Breaking Benjamin proud.
The EP kicks off with a crunchy palm muted guitar riff, coupled with a tribal drumbeat until they are met with Blake Clawson’s vocals on the track “Memory”. The chorus kicks in with a more guttural vocal style with the lyrics “What? I can’t hear you!” This particular track really reminds me of the band Skillet given the arrangement and vocal styles.

Up next is “Walk Again”, perhaps the most polished track from this well produced release. “Walk Again” has been give a video treatment. I can easily see this track being propelled to the top of the pack within rock-radio right along side of any Papa Roach song.

Rounding out the release is “Save Me”. I swore I was listening to Staind given the intro riff and the way that vocalist Blake Clawson pushes his vocal tone to the back of his throat for the verse. The track diverts from the liberal Staind influence to create another solid rock-radio-ready track with a rockin’ chorus and some squealing guitars jumping out of the mix.

The tracks on this release were were engineered by Joseph McQueen (As I Lay Dying) with mixing and mastering by Kane Churko (Papa Roach) and Logan Mader (Bullet For My Valentine, Butcher Babies) of MachineHead fame.

My only disappointment with this release is that it only contains three tracks. However I gather that was the point. To leave us, the listener wanting more.

Alex Hilton – Drums
Nelson Rezek – Guitar
Blake Clawson – Vocals
Dick Black – Bass



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