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Car Bomb – Meta (review)

Posted November 3, 2016 by George Archibald in CD Reviews

Car Bomb – Meta

Reviewed By: George Archibald
Meta marks the next evolution for the mathcore giants Car Bomb. The band started out in 2000. The release of their debut album Centralia in 2007 opened the eyes to many critics throughout the industry. This technically aggressive band followed up Centralia with w^w^^w^w, in 2012, again surprising many with their signature blend of technical aggression. Meta marks a return to what has been a staple in sound for the band, but also adding new elements along the way. Car Bomb has evolved in time on this album with more jazzy breaks, and even clean streams of vocals along the way.

The track entitled “Gratitude” kickoffs off with a back and forth beat riff, before some crisp harmonics ushers the song into a Deftone-esque break. The clean vocals of Michael Dafferner are a nice change up, before dropping the hammer with his more aggressive stylings on this song. The guitars are light in some places before dropping churning down-tuned riffs that break up the melodic, with more a punishing grinding out of the song.

The track ‘Sets’ starts off with a down-tuned churn-fest of fast paced guitar picking patterns. The drumming of Elliot Hoffman is so precise on this track, changing tempos and jumping in and out of syncopation with the guitars. The song is very dark and heavy in feel as it doesn’t let up, grinding along till the band comes to a melodic break before hitting you with a sledgehammer of solid aggression. This song just pushes the edges of how low the band can go without hitting bottom in tone.

carbombMeta is the perfect combination of technical application, and aggression with lighter notes along the way to help pump the gas. The album is busy in some places leaving the listener to pick and choose who to spotlight in areas because each member seems to shine. Car Bomb has my attention once again! If you are new to Car Bomb and enjoy math-styled riffs like Meshuggah you will definitely by an instant fan. Those who have followed the band since inception will not be let down with this new release. The band has released several singles as teasers for Meta’s release on October 28th. Also to help promote the release of the album Car Bomb is on a few select dates of the final The Dillinger Escape Plan tour going on now. Be sure to check out Meta at all the usual outlets and at

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