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Corey Taylor Performs Prince Tribute

Posted April 22, 2016 by Anthony Bernardi in Interviews

Empire Extreme’s own writer and columnist Anthony Bernardi was in the house at First Avenue in Minneapolis MN as Corey Taylor of Slipknot and Stone Sour fame took the stage.  As Cory walked on the silent stage awash in purple he simply began to strum his acoustic guitar.  As he belted out the first lyrics of Prince’s “Purple Rain”,  “Never meant to cause you any sorrow“, the crowd knew they were in for a special night.


From Tony:  Let’s take a moment and think about the past year and half.  There have been, political debates, black lives matter, terrorists in the Middle East, bombing on US soil, however last night I saw a very inspiring thing. The city of Minneapolis as a whole forgot, hate, stupidity, racism and all our bigotry.
We ALL  came together to celebrate the life of a friend, brother and one of the greatest musicians that Minnesota has ever had.
There were black, white, middle eastern, Asian, gay, straight, fat, and skinny people all coming together. Why you ask,  it’s because of MUSIC. The one thing that we all can feel together. It’s universal, its healing. It’s beautiful.
The world as a whole fell silent yesterday.
Because of ONE man from Minneapolis Minnesota.
His music will live on forever.

Than you Prince for the great music. I ensure you my kids will know who you were and are.

Please sit back and enjoy this tribute as we morn the loss of a legend.


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