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DANNY WORSNOP Is Excited To Be Working With His 'Old And Dear Friends' In ASKING ALEXANDRIA Again

Posted October 22, 2016 by Josh Drespling in Empire Extreme News Feed

Danny Worsnop has commented on his return to ASKING ALEXANDRIA, explaining that he is excited to be “working with [his] old and dear friends” again. The singer also distanced himself from the circumstances that led to the split between the band and their now-former vocalist Denis Shaforostov, who appeared on ASKING ALEXANDRIA‘s latest album, this year’s “The Black”.

Said Worsnop in a statement: “As none, some, most, or all of you have seen, the last week has been what one would refer to as ‘eventful.’

“Rumors and speculation of recent events have circulated long before even their inception, but in an ironic twist of fate or foresight have come to fruition.

“Two weeks ago, I was approached with a question, that as to if I would consider touring with my former band, ASKING ALEXANDRIA, for their upcoming tour ’10 Years In The Black’. Now, keep in mind that outside occasional ‘Hey, man, how’ve you been?’ texts, Ben Bruce [ASKING ALEXANDRIA guitarist] and I hadn’t spoken since my departure, and the rest of the band, not at all.

“It was a long week pondering the decision and figuring out what the right thing to do was. After all, my [solo] album, ‘The Long Road Home’, is about to release, which is, of course, my primary focus. I’m [also] working on the new WE ARE HARLOT record, and trying to book in as much acting work as possible.

“Eventually, the pivotal hour came about and it was time to make a decision.

“I took this last year off from playing and touring to find myself (pretentious) and re-evaluate my life (cliché), which I NAILED (badass). So, now, after almost two years, I shall be going on tour again with ASKING ALEXANDRIA.

“We have spent the last week honing the show and the set to be the best it can be, and best it has ever been, and I hope y’all enjoy watching it as much as we have creating it. It is a journey through the band’s history and maybe even a new song that isn’t actually very new but is new but isn’t new at all.

“I’m now in a place mentally where this is something I can embrace again, with the men I started this crazy journey with. It’s a beautiful nostalgia that feels like nothing ever changed.

“Whatever happened with ASKING ALEXANDRIA and Denis Shaforostov is between them, and for them to tell. All I can speak to is my excitement to be working with my old and dear friends, playing music we made for a decade that we are here to celebrate.

“Pick up your tickets to the USA, Canada, UK and Europe tours at

“My new single, ‘Mexico’, coming November 1st.

“Stay tuned for the second WE ARE HARLOT album.

“Stay beautiful, sleazy, and never too sober.”
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DANNY WORSNOP Is Excited To Be Working With His ‘Old And Dear Friends’ In ASKING ALEXANDRIA Again
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