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Posted May 2, 2016 by Ron in Live


Fishhead Cantina April 29th 2016


Davey_Suicide-014Davey Suicide is how industrial rock is suppose to be. Onstage theatrical performances mixed in with pureness of the genre, Lyrics that not only make you think but also make you want to have a good time, infused with a sound that demands to be heard and deserves to be at the forefront of the industry.

Davey’s vocals and stage presence make him a front man to keep an eye and ear on. Guitarist Niko Gemini and bassist Derek Obsucra not only play there instruments with precision and a fierceness, but look as though they are having lots of fun while they are doing it.

Pounding on the keys and adding screams of pure horror, Needlz blends the orchestra with such passion and professionalism. Ohh and don’t forget drummer Drayven (which is hard to do) ’cause he not only has skills that will blow your mind, but energy that will make you tired just watching him.

Davey Suicide started off the show with “ Hustler Queen” and you immediately knew that you were about to bear witness to just how a rock show should be done. They played a mix of songs from their two full length albums “Davey Suicide” and “Worldwide Suicide”.

Davey_Suicide-016Part way though their set Davey mentioned how it’s nice to be headlining, because they can play songs that they don’t normally get the chance to. With that Niko brought out his acoustic guitar. And they played an acoustic version of the song “I’ll Take a Bullet For You” which was written for a former band mate who passed away. This song displayed a very sincere and honest performance that many acts are afraid to, or simply unable show.  They wrapped up the night with “ Generation Fuck Star”, an anthem that should be echoed all over this world.


Following the show, the band hung out with the crowd, meeting fans and signing autographs proving that they are genuine and the real deal. There was none of that “fuck you, rock star mentality”. I had the privilege of interviewing a few of the members and hung out a bit with them following the show.  Not only were every one of them cool as hell, but they were very humble.  It was refreshing and exactly the type of personalities that this genre needs.


DAVEY SUICIDE IS:Davey_Suicide-017

Davey suicide : vocals

Needlz : Keys

Niko Gemini : guitars

Drayven : drums

Derek : bass


Setlist :

Hustler Queen

Until We’re Dead

Kids of America

The Devil InsideDavey_Suicide-007

One More Night

Dirty Rotten Filthy Rich

God Head Killers

I’ll Take a Bullet For You (acoustic)

Generation Fuck Star




Davey Suicide – The Devil Inside from davey suicide on Vimeo.

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