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Dead Cross Baltimore MD Show Review

Posted September 11, 2017 by Ron in Live

Baltimore SoundStage
September 8th 2017


If you haven’t heard of Dead Cross, you are missing out on the best semi-super group to come out. Combining forces with Mike Patton(Faith no More, Mr. Bungle) and Dave Lambardo(Slayer), Dead Cross is a perfect blend of punk, hardcore, and all things strange, fast and heavy.

Right off the bat, as soon as the first note was played, Mike jumped off stage into the crowd while singing the opening song. This was just a taste of what to happen on this night. Playing the newly released cd “self titled” album. The album is exactly what you expected when you bring the vocal craziness of Mike and the hard pounding drums of Dave. They even throw in a cover of Bauhaus’sBela Lugosi is Dead”.

During the set a fan came onto stage and Mike let him command the stage for a little bit, got him to dance around for a little bit and while the band was playing the instrumentals of “Raining Blood”, right as it got into the heavy parts he and Mike jumped into the crowd, Mike teased us with a few seconds of “Epic” before they finally let the stage.

It has been a while since I have seen Mike Patton on stage, but he still delivers the goods. Hands down one of the best frontman ever in the music industry. I’ve been a fan of his for many years and I’m always excited to see.

Dead Cross is the real deal. No nonsense highly energetic band that grabs you by the short and curlys and doesn’t let you go. Such an amazing band to see and the crowd loved it as well. Moshing throughout the show, stage diving and just having a kick ass Friday night in Baltimore

After the show ended before I left the venue, to my surprise was John Waters of HairSpray fame. Dave came out and signed some autographs and took some pictures. Mike also came out later to sign and take photos. Getting to meet and take a quick picture with Mike was one for the Bucket List. Can’t wait to see Dead Cross again, and again.

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