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The Dead Daisies Show Review

Posted August 23, 2017 by Ron in Live


RamsHead Live
Baltimore MD
August 18th 2017



Tonight Baltimore Maryland was treated with a musical masterpiece. The Dead Daisies were in town and ready to rock with us all night long.

If you don’t know who The Dead Daisies are you’re missing out, this “supergroup” of musicians that span for over the decades with artists like WhiteSnake, Motley Crue, Thin Lizzy, and the list goes on and on

The band came out with a bang and didn’t let us go until the last song was played. Each member playing their instrument with perfection. Was such a great show to have witness. Drummer Brian Tichy did a drum solo that was purely insane, at one point he threw his drumsticks in the crowd and played the drums with his bare hands beating them like a madman.

When the band did the introductions of the band, each time they played another cover of a great song.
The band played tracks spanning 3 albums and the latest live album. Each song just as amazing as the next. The Dead Daisies did a cover of “American band.”




I was in full awe of how amazing this band was, this was my first time seeing them and I will now be a fan for life and see them every time they come back into town. Not only are they great musicians but they all were amazing human beings too, taking time to sign autographs and take pictures with the fans.

No Rock Star egos here, just some guys who want to play kick ass music and love the fans that want to enjoy it.



1. Long way to go
2. Mexico
3. Make some noise
4. Song and a prayer
5. Fortunate son
6. We all fall down
7. Last time I saw the sun
8. Drum solo
9. Join together
10. All the same
11. With you and I
12. Mainline
13. Devil out of time
14. Helter Skelter
15. American band
16. Midnight Moses


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