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DeathMaschine – Interview

Posted May 8, 2016 by Ron in Interviews

DeathMaschine is an industrial powerhouse hailing from the wasteland of Pennsylvania’s rust belt. Self describes as Hate Audio and/or Punk Industrial Metal, they offer up a new wave of sonic energy laden with distorted vocal, samples, guitar buzz and dissonance.

Empire Extreme caught up with them right after they tore though a set in Baltimore MD.

DeathMachine-002Empire: Let’s introduce you to everyone let them know your name and what you play?
Nathan:I’m Nathan Maschine, I do song writing vocals and shit.
Adam: I’m Adam I play guitar
Dave: Dave I play with myself… A lot.
JJ: I’m JJ, I’m the drummer.

E: How long have you been a band for?
Uh we’re at 10 years. Almost 10 years in October or something like that.

E: How would you describe your music for someone who hasn’t heard you before?
Industrial metal is easy. Organized chaos or semi organized chaos.

E: Why the name DeathMaschine?DeathMachine-007
Do you want the real story on that? The German Maschine I pulled out of the Gibson short story for a previous band. And then we started a guy wanted to name us Rightwing Death Maschine and he never played a show with us and none of us are Right-Wing so we dropped that part.

E: What influences did you have to do what you do?
Nathan: classical stuff was what I was raised on, but turned into Static X, Ministry, Nine Inch Nails, and stuff like that.
JJ: I started playing the drums when I was in the fourth grade. Both my sisters played instruments and for some reason I wanted to played the trombone, but my parents talked me into playing the drums. I started on the snare drum and worked my way up, marching snare bass drums auxiliary percussion.
Nate: (to JJ) So we’re under utilizing you?

DeathMachine-001E: What inspirations do you have for the songs you write?
Shit that pisses me off, which means a lot of semi-political shit in there. Humans disappointing me, shit like that. That’s what it comes down to. I don’t do love songs and I don’t do fluff.

E: Working on any new material/CD?
We’re sorta halfway working on new material.

E: How does the local music scene treat you guys?
Once we get out of where we are its not bad New York , we have a following in Delaware. Dave: I tell them where we are is a cultural dead zone. South Central PA, not a lot going on except cover bands and radio rock.

E: Anything else you like to say to your fans?
Bathe in the blood of the innocent.
Adam: (nods his head in agreement)
Dave : We hate you all. End quote

Photos & Interview by Ron S.



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