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DEATHMASCHINE April 8th FishHead Cantina, Baltimore Md

Posted April 17, 2016 by Ron in Reviews

Deathmaschine-logoBy: Ron S.

DeathMaschine - Nathan Maschine

DeathMaschine – Nathan Maschine

Let me start off by saying that I’m a huge supporter of local and unsigned bands, but unfortunately many local bands are just not that good. You may have a few members in the band that are talented but as a whole they fall flat. DeathMaschine (who hail from Eastern Pennsylvania) shatters that mold tenfold with their highly energetic live show and songs that not only make you want to tear shit up, but they also make you think.

Founded in late 2007, this industrial/metal band is a force to be reckoned with. Sure you can find some similarities to bands like Rammstein, Ministry, and Skinny Puppy, but DeathMaschine brings their very own brand of brutal music that they describe as “hate audio” and “punk industrial metal”. Lead vocalist Nathan Maschine sings from the bottom of his dark soul with power and conviction, while guitarist Addam Robert Paul’s creepy and melodic playing makes him move like Satan has taking over his body. The band is rounded out by JJ banging the drums like a tribal witch beckoning demons from the Nether.

With songs like “Bastard Fucks”, “Riot”, and “One Nation Under Fraud”, DeathMaschine seriously kicks your ass, beats you while your down, and ceremoniously steals your girl as you look on helplessly.

Addam Robert Paul of DeathMaschine

Addam Robert Paul of DeathMaschine

At the show at FishHead Cantina in Baltimore, MD they shared the stage with Hanzel Und Gretyl and brought back former band mate, Dave Nields to shred on the guitar for a few songs while Adam went to bass to show off that he has many skills to offer the music industry. If you’re ever in the area that they are on the bill, I would highly recommend that you observe this carnage first hand. And the band wanted me to send this loving and caring message to you “We hate you all, DeathMaschine hates you all”.


DeathMaschine are:

Nathan Maschine – Distorted Battle Cry
Addam Robert Paul – White Noise Generator.
J.J. – Savage Repercussion

Bastard Fucks, All These Dead, Riot, The Human Condition, Brain Rot, Leech, One Nation Under Fraud, Name In Vain




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