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DISTURBED’s David Draiman Goes On Rant About Woman’s Boobs

Posted October 20, 2016 by Josh Drespling in Empire Extreme News Feed

Disturbed frontman David Draiman went on a rant about a woman’s boob size during the band’s show in Midland, Texas. After a woman tossed her large bra on stage, Draiman paused the show to rant and rave about the woman’s breasts.

“Jesus Christ. Is that from you?” Draiman said, expressing disbelief. “Ladies and gentlemen, just scope this over-the-shoulder boulder holder over here! I had to stop for a second, ’cause this is just crazy. Thank you. This is wonderful. I’m gonna go ahead and sterilize this and put this in the back.”

Draiman goes on to say that the woman could actually cure world hunger with her boobs: He continued: “Now, I want you to know, this woman’s boobs are so big, she could solve world hunger. It’s fucking ridiculous.”

The Disturbed frontman then went on to state that the woman should feed hungry children in the crowd. 

“There are children here — probably hungry children — so why don’t you put yourself to good use? Ladies and gentlemen, if your children are hungry after the show, please see this young woman up here in the front.”

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DISTURBED’s David Draiman Goes On Rant About Woman’s Boobs
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