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Ex Scale The Summit Members Set The Record Straight On Their Departure

Posted November 1, 2016 by Josh Drespling in Empire Extreme News Feed

For Mark Michell and J.C. Bryant, their departure from Scale The Summit was never intended to be a spectacle, but rather, a new beginning. Cornered by comments made by their former bandmate Chris Letchford, they were left with no other option but to set the record straight.

The narrative surrounding their departure has largely been centered on a financial dispute, though Michell and Bryant contest that their separation from Scale The Summit has been portrayed inaccurately.

“He sort of dragged some points in that we couldn’t really leave unaddressed, which sort of explains the basis for the media circus that’s been going on right now. But, we didn’t leave the band so that we could talk about Scale The Summit for the next two weeks or the next two months. We really just wanna bring this to a close.” Ex Scale The Summit drummer J.C. Bryant said.

“This wasn’t just something where we were like ‘ah screw it lets just leave’ this was like ‘how can we make this work – ok this isn’t working lets try this’ so after so many thoughts and so many things you try to pull out of the bag you’ve got nothing left and then it’s time to walk away.” Former Scale The Summit bassist Mark Michell said.

The recent changes for Scale The Summit are problematic to say the least. The band is left undermanned and will need to add new members to be able to perform live again. It’s unknown if the group will continue at this point as a live band, or will focus on studio releases.

Moving forward, Michell and Bryant plan to release a new Tetrafusion album together — something that had been somewhat neglected during their time in Scale The Summit. Michell also spends his time running ‘Low End University’, a full service educational resource suite designed for bassists.

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Ex Scale The Summit Members Set The Record Straight On Their Departure
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