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Facebook Quietly Adds A Feature Bands Have Been Requesting For Years

Posted November 1, 2016 by Josh Drespling in Empire Extreme News Feed

Facebook has quietly rolled out a new feature that musicians and music fans alike have been requesting since the social networking service first launched ‘Pages’. Bands use Facebook as the primary way to promote their act, though the tech giant never had a native feature for fans to hear their music directly on the page.

Musicians with Pages categorized as ‘Musician/Band’ will now see a Music tab in their page settings that will allow them to add their entire music catalog to their page, that can presumably be played directly through Facebook. The new feature is pretty flawed at the moment, but you can expect the Facebook team to have it fully functional very soon.

Back in 2012, Facebook had a similar variation of the feature, though it went away a short time later. It appears there is an increased focus on music inside of the silicon valley company.

The Facebook ‘Linked Catalogs’ feature was quietly added to the social networking site.

For now, Facebook supports music catalogs from Spotify, Deezer, Rara, Mog, Saavn, Jelli, Rdio, Slacker, Earbits, Napster (formerly Rhapsody), and even Myspace. Apple Music is noticeably absent from the lineup of vendors that support catalog imports. Facebook has added music player support for Apple Music in the last year, so it’s likely it could be added at some point in the near future.

It’s interesting to note that Spotify is prominently displayed at the top of the list while Apple music is nowhere to be found. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has been vocal about his support of Spotify in the past and it would not be surprising to see the tech giant purchase the platform. This new feature could be a warm up for more music integration in the future, especially if Facebook acquires Spotify.

While the feature is promising and a step in the right direction for Facebook, I was unable to import any of my own music that is published on Spotify. I chalk this up to the feature being a ‘work in progress’ as Facebook has yet to even officially confirm it’s existence.

The good news is that bands with sizable audiences can directly connect their fans with their music without having to send them to a third party platform outside of Facebook. The new feature will be welcomed with open arms from artists who wont have to rely on bulky third party apps that don’t work on mobile devices to get music to their fans.

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Facebook Quietly Adds A Feature Bands Have Been Requesting For Years
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