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Generation Doom Tour (live review)

Posted May 30, 2016 by Ron in Live

Generation Doom Tour

Baltimore Soundstage May 11th 2016

By Ron Senyo


It was a rainy day in Baltimore on Wednesday May 11th, but that didn’t stop the crowd from coming out for an amazing rock show. Five bands were going to grace the stage tonight: DollSkin; Through Fire; September Mourning; Lacey Sturm; and Otep.

dollskinFirst band to take the stage this night was DollSkin from Phoenix Arizona. This four piece all girl band was absolutely kick ass. With a sound that conjured thoughts of The Runaways meets Hole with some teenage angst punk rock thrown in. When I say teenage, I really mean it. The band members range in age from 16 to 19. DollSkin completely took me by surprise at how well they had crafted their sound and played their instruments. Their cover of Alanis Morissette’s “Uninvited,” really showed off the vocalist’s range. This band is definitely on the rise and one to watch out for.

Next up was Through Fire, who hails from Omaha Nebraska. This band reminded me of a harder better version of Puddle of Mudd (I mean that in a good way). They had a really good solid sound and rocked the stage with their single “Stronger” from their debut album from Sumerian Records and is scheduled to be released later this year. Bass player Jesse Saint and founder/guitarist Justin McCain stole the show with their energetic stage presence and technical skills.

SeptemberMorningSeptember Mourning was next up. If your a fan of theatrical performances mixed in with goth metal and eerie vocals, this band is for you . September Mourning, which is also the singer’s name, is the first and only human-reaper hybrid. Throughout the show she reveals to the onlookers the story of her incantation along side her reapers. They played “Children of Fate,” “Angels to Dust,” and their hit single “Eye of the storm.” This was my first time experiencing them live and I was absolutely blown away with their performance and songs. I loved the whole package, story line, and the vocals were killer and exuded such horrific beauty. This band is destine to share company with some of the all time musical greats.

LaceyStrum-01Lacey Sturm was next on stage. Some of you may think “hmm that name sounds kind of familiar.” Lacey was the vocalist of Flyleaf and after stepping out of that role she is fronting her own solo band. I’ve always enjoyed her singing and conviction both on and off stage. The band performed “Impossible” and “The Solider” from the album Life Screams. However, the one song that blew me away was their breathtaking rendition of The Police‘s song “Roxanne.” This cover was amazing and holds it own along side the original.

During the set they also played some Flyleaf material such as “All Around Me,” and a mash up of “I’m So Sick/Fully Alive/Call You Out.” It’s been a while since I have seen her perform and I thought her and the entire band did a wonderful job. I’m not a big fan of Christian Rock, but I Lacey has always been one that stood out in the genre. Maybe it’s because she’s not too preachy like so many are. Over all it was a really good set and Lacey looked good and ready to be back where she belongs: on the stage.

Otep was the main act for this evening of Generation Doom. Check out my review of their set.



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