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(Hed) p.e. (live review)

Posted June 7, 2016 by Alyssa Varner in Live

(Hed) p.e. and Veer Union (live review)

By Alyssa Varner

Hed-pe---03So imagine this… two crazy and excited 25 year old females on their way to go see (hed) p.e. live in Pittsburgh at the Altar Bar. Are you scared yet? (hed) p.e., The Veer Union and EVERYBODY PANIC! were stopping by on The Storm Warning tour. (hed) p.e. was also supporting their new album FOREVER!, which will be released June 7, 2016.

We arrive fashionably late, of course! Because we had to look pretty for Jahred Gomes (lead singer of (hed) p.e.) who else is going do it, right? We finally saunter in and discovered that we had missed two of the three opening bands. Needless to say, I was upset! I was really looking forward to listening to the first two (Overdost and EVERYBODY PANIC!). From what we heard from talking to the crowd we missed two great performances. Oh well. Maybe next time. Sorry guys!

We looked for the perfect spot up close to the stage. By the time I took a few sips of my drink I heard Crispin Earl‘s (lead singer of The Veer Union) voice blaring loud and clear throughout the bar. That’s right, The Veer Union is on stage and ready to “melt some faces”.

Hed-pe---04Before we went to this show I did some “youtubing”. I wanted to hear what this band was all about and what they had to offer. After surfing through many videos I had discovered a “favorite” song. It was a track called “Seasons” from their album Against the Grain that was released back in 2009. YES, they played it… and yes they played it well. They whole band was in sync. They had so much energy and such a great stage presence. If you only came to see (hed) p.e. that night I’m sure you left with a great appreciation for The Veer Union.

Hed-pe---01Now remember those two 25 year old females who took a trip up to the ‘Burgh to see some crazy rock bands play? Yeah well, by this time they are more than ready to get some “hed” in their life. As we are standing their patiently waiting, we could tell the crowd was getting antsy. Some of the “pit boys” started a chant, yelling “HED P-E! HED P-E! HED P-E!”. You know we had to join in. We were yelling at the top of our lungs, the lights dimmed, and the crowd went insane.

The members file onto stage… “Major Trauma” on the drums, “Gregzilla” with his guitar, “Kid Bass” with his Bass, and Jahred just being Jahred. They ran through all the fans favorites, “Bartender,” “Renegade,” and “Let’s Ride”. The whole band was very chill and laid back through the entire set. During a short break Jahred took his phone out and took a picture of the wild crowd for one of his social networks. He laughed the whole time because he didn’t know how to work his iPhone. Finally he got some help from his band mates. If you came to the show to witness (hed) p.e. then there was no way you could have been disappointed by this set.

Hed-pe---02Following their set he thanked the crowed for being super energetic even though the bar wasn’t filled to it max capacity. He also apologized for not coming out and hanging with fans after their set because he was feeling a little under the weather.

All in all this was a great show and I had a lot of fun listening to some great bands and socializing with some awesome people. (hed) p.e. is currently still on tour and are encouraging everyone to pre-order their new album. It comes with extra goodies such as a limited edition T-shirt and signed CD.

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