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Interview with Anthony Vincent of 10 Second Songs/Set The Charge

Posted October 12, 2017 by Ron in Interviews

Empire Extreme got the opportunity to talk over the phone with 10 Second Songs creator and lead singer of Set The Charge, Anthony Vincent. If you haven’t heard of either one of these amazing projects I recommend you check them out right now (or after you check out this killer interview)

Empire: How did you come up with the idea of 10 Second Songs?

Anthony: Just a quick summary, I started a custom song website. I was trying that out seeing how it would work. So I created 10 second songs. I was selling 10 second songs for $5 in any style people wanted. That picked up bigger than what I anticipated, and it gave me the idea to take it to a different place. Making full length songs for companies and make more money, or make jingles for brands. I was thinking on how I would promote it. I thought of taking a pop song and dividing it into 20 different styles. The first song I started to do was “Dark Horse” by Katy Perry. It took a life of its own, and you’ll notice at the end it says “custom songs in any style”. When you have Rolling Stone contact you, and five million views of a video you just put out, major tv and radio talking about it makes you think. Think maybe I’ll do this as an entertainment thing and eventually use this to catapult my own music. That’s my story in a nut shell.

Empire: How long does it take you to make the songs?

Anthony: It takes about a week or so to draft a plan that I’m happy with. The actual production of the finished product takes about a month or so, depending on how long the song is.

Empire: What has been your favorite one to do so far?

Anthony: I always go back to the classics, well classics in my mind. “Chop Suey” by System of a Down and “In the End” by Linkin Park. I have more fun doing those kinds of songs.

Empire: Have you ever got any feedback from the original artists?

Anthony: I’ve had a few artists that I covered in the Dark Horse video that tweeted it. Corey Taylor from Slipknot, Boys 2 Men wanted to take me out on tour. The surviving members of Type O Negative gave it praise. Tech N9Ne shared it out there. It gets attention in random moments.

Empire: I’ve always loved when you did Type O negative or Soundgarden. Your Chris Cornell is insanely good, and now that he passed away I think you’re the only one who has the vocal range to do his songs.

Anthony: That’s a massive compliment, although I would probably have turn that down. It’s much like how Pete died from Type O you can’t replace him and the same goes with Chris.

Empire: You Just released Sky Goes On from your band Set The Charge

Anthony: Yeah, its available on all digital platforms like iTunes and we have physical copies too. We’re doing this all independently. We’re not signed to a label.

Empire: How was the recording process on this album?

Anthony: We took our time with this one, figuring out a direction we wanted to go. We have a tough time categorizing what we sound like. That’s the hardest thing to explain to people who haven’t heard of us. We went into it with an open mind to not sound like a certain way, or write hit songs, or go for a target audience. We just wanted to create art, that’s all we wanted to do. We knew that making art this way it may take off or may just have a small niche of people who like it. We wanted to write something that was pure and honest to us.

Empire: I’ve listened to the album and I like it. I’ve talked to people about it and like you said it’s hard to explain what it is. You just have to listen to it. To me it’s a unique album, it doesn’t sound like anyone else or trying to be anybody else.

Anthony: Thank you. We appreciate it.

Empire: What did the band think of when you did a version of one the songs in the 10 second style?

Anthony: We kind of planned that together. It was a way for me to let my followers of my ten second songs know that I was putting out this album. Just a fun and engaging way to promote it.

Empire: Were you musically trained?

Anthony: No, I’m all by ear. Sometimes I take time off to perfect an instrument. Learn music theory. I always get to busy to go back and sit down and learn that. I’m too scattered brain and ADHD.

Empire: Did you sing in school?

Anthony: My dad was a singer. I did a few plays in high school. I was in a metal band in HS but I played the bass. After school I started to want to sing and develop my voice and my dad gave me a few tips.

Empire: Do you have a lot of people comment on your hair. It’s kinda like a trademark along with your voice?

Anthony: Ya, everybody talks about my hair. I’m just glad I still have it. (Both laugh) I just turned 30 and I’m glad I have it and should it goes gray I’ll rock it like George Carlin.

Empire: If you can bring back one musician from the dead who would it be?

Anthony: This is tough, it’s between Freddie Mercury or Peter Steele or maybe Dimebag Darrell. You know what I’ll say Dime, because he was murdered on stage.

After talking to Vincent for a while and getting to know him better. Made me appreciate how much of a music lover he is, and how no matter what he will always be that way.  Hopefully we can see him and Set The Charge on tour someday soon.

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