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Interview with Brian Forsythe of Kix

Posted May 4, 2017 by Ron in Empire Extreme News Feed

M3 Festival
April 28,29th 2017
Baltimore MD

This year was the 9th year of the Maryland Festival that brings back the glory days of hair, power ballads, and gritty kick ass rock. Just like they have for the past few years Kix was the final band to play on the opening day, now known as M3 Kix’s Off. I got to interview guitarist Brian “damage” Forsythe before their set.

Empire: How does it feel to do the M3 Kick off being that KIX is the main band to play on Friday?
Brian: It’s always good! It’s the hometown crowd. You walk out there and the whole place is there for you. It’s an amazing feeling. And as I was saying before we started the interview( right before we started Eddie Trunk from That Metal Show, came over to talk to Brian) Ronnie Younkins not here tonight, so I’m filling in as the only guitar player. There is gonna be a lot of room out there on stage.

Empire: When you were recording Blow My Fuse, did you know that was going to be such a huge success?
Brian: No.  We knew the songs were good and all that. They progressively got better as we went along.  But with every record you know it’s a gamble.  When you put it out, you never know what is going to happen. We were expecting it to be high. The record executives would come in and hear the final mixes and then pat us on the back and say “Well boys you ready to buy those Ferraris”. We all looked at each other and said “Yeah right”.  We were really skeptical. When we did that record we had just got new management with Mark Puma who was with Twisted Sister and with him involved we had more of a plan put together. It was going much smoother than other records.

Empire: I heard something about them not wanting to release “Don’t Close Your Eyes” as a single?
Brian: Ya, this was after we have done some big tours. We had just finished the Great White, Tesla tour and they figured that was the last tour they were going to give us support for and sink money into. They told us after this you have to come back and work on some new material. Alan Niven who was Great White‘s tour manager he kept asking us why they weren’t releasing that song. Mark talked to them about releasing it, but they said “No”.  Alan on our behalf went to Atlantic Records and told them they would be crazy not to release that song, shortly after that it was released and the rest is history.

Empire: Since you have toured with so many bands. Who would be the best you have toured with and the worst?
Brian: Most bands were cool. It’s easier to tell you the bad ones. And honestly it’s usually not the whole band, usually mostly just one person. We did a tour with The Tubes early on the rest of the band were really cool but Fee Waybill was not very nice and gave us a hard time. We ended up getting kicked off that tour. They didn’t even tell us before. They let us travel to the next city and then told us when we got to the venue that were weren’t welcome here.  They  wouldn’t even let us in the venue. That was not a good experience. The other one we had problems with was Triumph. We opened for them. That was early on, that was our first tour, extended tour, that one ended after 5 shows they kicked us off.

Empire: No problems with the bigger bands because of egos and stuff?
Brian: Naw, most of them were pretty cool. From time to time you wouldn’t get a sound check or something but most were really nice. Mostly just Triumph those guys hated us. I think they thought they were better than us. We tried to talk to them and they wouldn’t.  The roadies would push us off stage. We couldn’t watch them from the stage. They pulled tricks on us. One time they pulled Ronnies cord out of his amp and the music would stop and our guys would find out that they pulled the plug out. One time we were playing a theater venue and one of there roadies just went across the stage while we were playing. We opened for so many bands that were super nice like Cheap Trick, Aerosmith, and ZZ Top.

Empire: I saw that you were once involved with a pet clinic, how did that come to be?
Brian: It was right before KIX got back together. I had to go through rehab to get sober again, while I was still in a recovery home they sent me out to find a job because I was unemployed at the time. So I started applying to different places. I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do. One day I was riding on the bus because I didn’t have my drivers license at that point. I was thinking about what kind of job I could get that would be fun.  I saw a Petco or something and said “Yeah” I could work with animals. I went to a few different places and they liked me and hired me without any experience and I worked there for 12 years.

Empire: Were you an animal lover to begin with?
Brian: Ya, I love animals. I have a way with them. I wasn’t a vet-tech because I didn’t go to school, but I was an assistant. I helped them when taking blood or need help sedating. I had a calming effect on them.

Empire: Anything you want to say to the fans before I let u go?
Brian: I’d like to thank the fans, we have such dedicated fans. It’s awesome.

After hearing such amazing bands as Winger, and Loverboy the fans and I anxiously waited for the main attraction to the opening festival. Kix came out and rock the house. Singer Steve Whiteman was on point tonight and seemed like a possessed madman, as he was all over the stage. Throwing in comical relief throughout the show as well. At one point Steve asked for the lawn section to scream  as loud as they could and someone up front started to scream and Steve said “You’re not in the lawn asshole”. He later told us a story about him just getting a stray cat and the troubles of that from never having a cat before. He ended the story by asking “Have you ever fucked a cat?”

Brian was also killer on the guitar tonight. As mentioned in the interview he was the lone guitarist tonight, but that didn’t seem to effect him any. He was shredding on the guitar and nailing every one of those riffs. Ronnie Younkins was out while he worked out some personal demons.

The show was exactly what you would  want to see from a band, killer songs, high energy, and just a professional and stellar performance. With songs like “ The Itch, “Love me with your top down”, “Girl money”, and “Don’t close your eyes”. Kix is back and here to stay and will be rocking the stage and M3 for many more years to come.

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