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Interview with Cristina of Lacuna Coil

Posted October 16, 2017 by Ron in Interviews

Baltimore MD
September 27th 2017

Tonight Baltimore, MD was given an early Christmas gift in the form of a rock concert. Putting together two iconic bands Epica and Lacuna Coil.

Empire Extreme talked one on one with singer Cristina Scabbia before Lacua Coil’s set. Which was one interview I have always wanted to do.

Empire: How is the Tour going with Epica?

Cristina: The tour is going excellent so far. We still have a few gigs to go, and I’m sad because I’m enjoying it a lot. We knew the Epica guys and girl before, so it just made our friendship even stronger.

Empire: How has the response been for Delirium ? Last time we talked to you guys the album hadn’t been released yet?

Cristina: It has been really good. We have been able to keep the old school fans and and make some new fans, and they all agree on our music. We wanted to do something that we liked and that we’re excited about doing. The theme for the album was so intense.

Empire: To me it’s the best album along with Comalies.

Cristina: I can agree with that, everything was perfect all together. Everything just fell into place perfectly.

Empire: How has it been working with Andrea and Marco for so long?

Cristina: Its always fun. We know how the process works and we know how to deal with each other. It’s a lot of work and conversations and sometimes you “fight” about it. We record and come up with ideas in Marco’s studio.

Empire: How do you feel about being on the list of Hottest Female Metal singers?

Cristina: I smile about it. I don’t get offended by it. I get flattered. I know who I am. I don’t represent myself in a slutty way, so if someone finds me attractive I take it as a compliment. At the same time I don’t look at myself as an object only, because I know what I can offer with my voice and performance. I remember being the first woman on the cover of Revolver Magazine, when they started that issue.

Empire: Have you had any bad fan experiences?

Cristina: I’ve had a few stalkers, but nothing really dangerous. Sometimes fan love you so much but they don’t understand that you don’t know them because you meet so many fans.

Empire: I’ve seen that you’re a Star Wars fan.

Cristina: I am! I love the costumes and the Empire and just the themes of the movies,. I love the way they created it.

Empire: I saw online that you guys were brought onstage by Stormtroopers, how did that happen?

Cristina: We did a Metal Cruise, and we were doing a signing. All of a sudden I see a Stormtrooper in line. I flipped out because I’m a big kid when it’s comes to strange and peculiar stuff. I met this guy Lewis from San Antonio. I stayed in touch with him. We played the show there again this tour and I recognized him and went to talk to him. He told me he had a surprise for me in Dallas. We were playing there the next day. So I’m in Dallas doing an interview and Marco comes in with two Stormtroopers, and one was my friend and the other guy was part of the 501 Legend. We took pictures and I tried on the costume. I tried on one of the helmets and cut my nose and it was bleeding. So we decided that we do a pre arrest with them bringing us on stage and released us for the show. We thought that was fun and brought something special to the stage.

Empire: Lacuna Coil did a cover for Madonna’s “Live To Tell” for the latest album. How did that get chosen to do?

Cristina: Long story short. When I was a little girl I loved Madonna. Still do. When it started to rain I would sing “Live to Tell”. I was convinced it would stop raining before I finished it and it always did. So I use to sing it to keep sadness away. For my birthday before we released the album, Marco’s girlfriend had a great idea for Marco to rewrite the song and give her the Zip drive with it on it. I got this for my birthday and when I heard the song I started crying, I thought it was the sweetest thought ever. Someone had listened to my story and it was so personal. I liked it so much, we decided to put it on the record.


Later that night Lacuna Coil came out with their amazing stage costumes and just killed it. Playing a lot of songs of the latest album Delirium and throwing in a few classic Coil songs in as well. I have seen Lacuna Coil since Comalies album came out and still just as good if not better. Cristina came out during Epica’s set and did a song with Simone. They are such an amazing band to see live, and by far one of my favorites because they don’t do that rockstar bullshit. They keep it real and communicate with the fans 100%. Next year is the 20th Anniversary of the band and I can’t wait to see what we have in store for that.


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