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Interview with Deuce (Formerly of Hollywood Undead)

Posted December 28, 2017 by Anthony Bernardi in Interviews

Interview with Deuce (Formerly of Hollywood Undead)

by: Anthony Bernardi


In celebration of the “official” release of Deuce’s second studio album Invincible, former Hollywood Undead member called into Empire Extreme headquarters to spill the dirt on the new album and plans for 2018. Invincible marks the end of a nearly five year gap since the singer/rapper/producer released his first solo album Nine Lives, although Invincible was released by the artist in 2015 for all the fans via his website.

EE: Thank you for you taking the time out to chat with us today.
Deuce: No problem man. Anything to promote the new album!

EE: How did you get involved with music?
Deuce: Well, when I was young I just kind of got into the studio messing with the studio stuff. I heard some bands and different rappers like Eminem, and different rock bands and already had some musical training.

EE: What has been your biggest musical influence?
Deuce: I don’t know. I guess bands like Kid Rock and bands on the radio. 50 Cent and the club scene rap stuff all of it inspired me.

EE: What was your first concert experience?
Deuce: First concert ever was AFI and Blink 182.

EE: After seeing that show did that inspire you to want to be center stage?
Deuce: Yes, it looked cool, and the people looked cool, and it looked like a lot of fun.

EE: It took five years from the release of Nine Lives to new album Invincible. Why was there such a long of a gap?
Deuce: Well just writing. I was doing a bunch of shows and touring all the time, taking time to do it and stuff like that?

EE: What is your favorite track on Invincible and why?
Deuce: Probably, “Thank You”.  It’s a good message to the fans!

EE: What would you say is was the most difficult part of putting together the new disc?
I don’t know, maybe just finishing it up. It all took work but it wasn’t really super hard.

EE: You have been in this industry for a whiel now, who stands out as a band you would  like to tour with?
Deuce: I’ll tour with anybody! You know, any sorts of bands I’m not too particular. Whatever comes my way I’ll do, as long as they are cool.

EE: 2018 is coming up quickly. What is your biggest goal?
Deuce: Well, just to get out there play more shows for the fans, write more music, you know stuff like that.

EE: What the message you’d like your fans to take away form your music?
Deuce: Do what you like to do. Do what you love to do and have a good time.

EE: Now I am a big nerd and I can’t but help ask this question Star Wars or Star Trek?
Deuce: Star Wars

EE: So any tours or anything like that coming up?
Deuce: Yeah, we are working on it. We are still in the beginning stages of the new album. Coming up in the next year we will be working on some stuff.

EE: I would definitely love another chance to chat when you come through town, rocking the stage!
Deuce: For sure brother!

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