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Interview with Marco Mendoza of The Dead Daisies

Posted August 3, 2017 by Ron in Interviews


Empire Extreme got to talk  with bassist Marco Mendoza of Dead Daisies, before they started their first US headlining tour. Empire will be in attendance for the August 18th show at RamsHead Live in Baltimore MD. Dead Daisies are David Lowry on Guitars, Marco Mendoza on Bass, Brian Tichy on drums, John Corabi on vocals and Doug Aldrich on Guitars. Just thinking about the amount of talent this band has brings shivers down your spine.

While I waited from the phone call. It was 11:30am where I was and would be 8:30am in California where Marco lives. Marco was just waking up from having a long and busy evening the night before and was preparing to fly into Poland the next morning. The busy and hectic life to be a rock star.

Empire: How’s the touring going so far and are you excited about headline in the USA ?
Marco: We toured a lot of Europe, some of the biggest festivals like HellFest, Download , and then a few headline shows in Europe. Then we hit Japan, South America, and Mexico. I just got back from Mexico a few days ago. We have been really impressed with response for “Live and Louder” the live box set we released.  We are on the second and third printing. It’s been overwhelming! It’s good that you’re doing something that people dig. We’re getting motivated even more.

Empire: What can we expect to see when the tour comes around?
Marco: We’re coming to RamsHead August 18th. The bottom line is if you like unadulterated in your face, good songs, delivered the best way they can be with performances that are on fire and if you like having a good time, watching five cats deliver the best show possible, that’s what we are. That’s what we do! The Dead Daisies are that. We celebrate rock-n-roll at its best.  We are big fans of rock n roll. You can expect to come out and have a blast. We’re relativity a new band, and in just three years have been all over the planet.
Empire: Especially in this area of Baltimore, lots of rock fans. We have the M3 Festival every year. (Marco then thought I sounded young. Bless his heart.)
Marco: I have a history of HammerJacks in Baltimore. Yea, Baltimore is a landmark for classic rock. If you played HammerJacks it was like playing Whiskey a Go Go here in LA. I have some great memories there.

Empire: How would you describe the band to someone who hasn’t heard of The Dead Daisies?
Marco: If you look at everyone individually you would see there’s a lot of experience here. On guitar we have Doug Aldrich who is one of the cats of past 20 years or so, even tho he’s only 12 (we both laugh). He was in Warrant and Dio, He’s a friend and has a full on love for what he does. As a bass player I’ve played with play with some of the best drummers on the planet, and Brian Tichy he’s the quintessential drummer. He is a talented cat. On the second guitar we have our founder David Lowy who started this whole journey here with the Dead Daisies. He keeps the band going. He is really focused and drives the machine very well, plus he is a riffmiester, He comes up with some great riffs. Our point guy John Corabi from Motley Crue and The Scream. What can I say about John? He is the ultimate front-guy. He is a song writer, he is a guitar player, he is strong at what he does. And there is me, I’m like the guys, I love what I do, and I have a few bands that I’ve been lucky to work with. (Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake, Ted Nugent). So there is a lot of experience and a lot of years between all of us. We’re a little wiser a little older . All fathers and husbands, and we are in different places in life. We appreciate what we do. We enjoy the music and to be able to live off the music. What we have is a fine tuned machine and we have great management. Every great team needs a great coach. We have great management who are putting a social media team together, talking to the right people, knocking on the right doors. We’re moving around fast, but ultimately it’s about the fans, you can have a great band, the best music, and great delivery, but if the fans don’t dig what you’re doing, good luck.

Empire: You were taking about going to Europe tomorrow. What are the plans there?
Marco: Ya, were going to Poland and we’re going to document it. Include the fans and record the whole set. It’s a festival called Woodstock in Poland . We are going to be closing it and we are going to be recording it with a 65 piece orchestra. Which [is something] we haven’t done yet with the Dead Daisies. That’s going to be a blast, and we will be releasing that, so stayed tuned for info on that.

Empire: How was touring with KISS?
We actually got lucky! We know the guys. Thank them for letting us come on board and giving us the opportunity. It’s like going to rock n roll school. They are amazing. They set the standards so high. They’ve been doing it for over 40 years and to deliver it like they do night after night, and all over the planet is inspirational. Those guys know how to put on a show. They have a massive amounts of fans. The Kiss Army and litterly 2-3 generations of fans.
Empire: I saw Gene when he came around doing a solo tour and stripped down set, and that was still amazing.
Marco: That’s because at the end of the day it’s about the songs.

Empire: How was it like working with Ted Nugent?
Marco: Again what can I say about Ted Nugent, he’s a legendary guitar player. Hanging out with Ted again is like going to school. He has been around for a while and done it all. I don’t know too many guitar players that haven’t been inspired by him. I can call him a friend, he was cool enough to come on my solo stuff, I’m going to be doing another solo album and I’ll reach out to him again. I understand he has stepped on a few toes. His delivery can be a little harsh. All in all if we had more people like Ted Nugent the world would be a better place.
Empire: Yeah, he speaks his mind and isn’t afraid to do it.
Marco: It’s cool that someone is so committed to what he believes in. He has no problem letting people know how he feels. Hanging out with him was very inspirational. He’s a great husband and father and a rock legend.
Empire: Since you have worked with so many amazing musicians, are there any that you want to work with?
Marco: Yeah, so many. I’ve got to meet Jimmy Page before and being a bass player I give John Paul Jones all the credit in the world. If I could play with anybody it would be those guys, Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and maybe I can play rhythm guitar and hang out with them (laughs). What they do is right up my alley, the rhythm and blues infused style. Also playing with Paul McCartney on Abbey Road, that would be amazing.


I’m super excited for this show on August 18th 2017 at RamsHead Live in Baltimore MD, The Dead Daisies are exactly what rock and roll should be, just a group of musicians who love what they do, love the fans and put out amazing music and entertain us at the same time. It’s going to be an amazing show that you’re not going to want to miss.

Check out The Dead Daisies Website:

If you haven’t bought your tickets for the show  , go and get them now:

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