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Interview with Pyn of BarbWire Dolls

Posted July 29, 2017 by Ron in Interviews

Empire Extreme had the opportunity to sit down and talk to guitarist Pyn of Barb Wire Dolls after there set on the Warped Tour. I was blown awayby how bad ass this band was. I knew that they were signed to Lemmy’s from MotorHead label, so I knew that had to be something special. However I wanted to see for myself and I was not disappointed one bit. The raw energy of the band just put a huge smile on my face and was such a breath of fresh air on what can be a sometimes stale genre. I was mostly blown away by singer Isis Queen on how awesome of a front-woman she was. She showed such a passion for the music and a love for fans that is nearly unmatched.

Empire: How’s the Warped Tour been going?
Pyn: It’s going pretty good. The first 10 days, on the first day drive up to Seattle, our bus broke down and stranded us on the highway. We had to rent a car, we lost a shit ton of money and were thinking about having to cancel. We called out to our fans and got a vehicle. Now we’re comfortable and kicking some ass.

Empire: How was recording “Rub My Mind”?
Pyn: It was really surreal. We met Eagles of Death Metal on riot fest. And we’re asked to go to Rancho De La Luna where all the desert rock movement started. We said “We’ll talk and arrange a time”. The day they texted me and asked “Are you’re still coming down next week”, he got off the phone and 10 minutes later the incident in France at the Bataclan happened. We didn’t communicate for him for 5 days. When he wrote us back, he asked if we are still coming in, and said “The music must go on they can’t take that away.”

Empire: Do you have any good stories about Lemmy that you would like to share?
Pyn: The first night we met him, we talked about the Sex Pistols and how he knows Greek punk bands that started in the 80s. So we had a really good connection. We kept running into him here and there. In 2015 he happened to stumble into us at the Whiskey. He told Isis that she reminded him of Wendy O from the Plasmatics, she was a good friend of his. He asked if we had a label, and then asked us if we wanted be on MotorHead Music and be his “musical child”. He said don’t change for anyone even me. We were going to tour with them and then he passed away, God rest his soul. We think about him everyday and do a little prayer for him to thank him.

Empire: If you can bring back any musician from the dead other than Lemmy, who would it be?
Pyn: I want Darby Crash back from the Germs. He literally was one of the greatest singers and bands. He had a shot and got fucked up with heroin and took his life way to early. He had a lot of potential to motivate people. He was a very smart guy. He stood for something, but never achieved what he wanted because of his addiction. He was extreme and I know you like Extreme (as he points to my Empire Extreme shirt)

Such an amazing band Barb Wire Dolls are, a very humble and friendly band within a world of bands that tend not to be as much. I can’t wait to see Barb Wire Dolls again and continue our conversations that we had.

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