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Interview with State of Illusion

Posted February 14, 2018 by Ryan Hensler in Interviews

I had the pleasure of conducting an interview via the phone with State Of Illusion from Greenville South Carolina. They have been a band since 2005, they have had a few lineup changes in the years, but are now a group of musicians who are ready and vested full time to put their music out to the masses instead of just regionally. The band consists of Jacob Porter- Vocals and Guitar, Bryce Chism- Drums, Cam Price- Guitar, and Brandon Rogers- Bass.

They are currently an unsigned band that has been DIY one hundred percent, and are heavily influenced by Staind, Cold, Breaking Benjamin, A Perfect Circle, and Tool. These influences are well known and heard on their album Aphelion, that State Of Illusion released on 07-22-2014.

Jacob and Josh produced and recorded Aphelion’s thirteen tracks themselves, and used their talent as musicians to bring in a different aspect of their writing by using a piano and pedal steel guitar that is something not heard of in the bands mentioned earlier that they are influenced by. I asked them. Why they decided to re-release Aphelion? The band is not the same band it was in the early inception of State Of Illusion, and with the current lineup the band wanted to make everything fresh and new again, because there are different musicians in the band, and the new members bring a different aspect of writing and playing the music. So it made sense for them to re-release Aphelion and do right by their fans as well.

If you get nothing from this interview but one thing, and you take anything away from the words that came about from my time with this band. Is this. Each and every member from State Of Illusion are super passionate about music!!!! This is what gets me fired and super stoked while doing an interview, because I am cut from the same mold when it comes to music. Music has saved my life a million times plus and the same goes with each one of the members from State Of Illusion. They truly love what they do and are ready to make the transition to bring their live, in your face, raw show to other cities in North America besides just staying regional, and this goes along with the band going through line up changes and finding exactly what they needed to do so.

The band is always writing, and taking on several different aspects of approaching their music to get it up and running on all cylinders.

Beware though when they do hit the road to bring their fans and music lovers alike who have not had the pleasure of seeing or hearing this band play live, because there might just be a riot or two depending on what cities they decide to visit and bring their genre mashing music with them. You better believe if there is not a Sheetz nearby, or readily accessible to each and every band member from State Of Illusion. It will get messy!!! We all have vices and we all need those vices from time to time, but for a band it is something I love to ask them what they must have while not having their creature comforts of home. Especially Jacob. He is all about the MTO Bacon Cheeseburger on a pretzel bun. Bryce is all about the meme’s (he sent me one after the interview and I will never look at one of my favorite vocalist the same), Brandon loves his coffee, and Cameron loves his coffee and burritos!

This band deserves a listen, a look, and your time as a fan, because they are fans just the same as you and I. I believe that they will overshadow many bands in this genre, because of their LOVE for music, their passion, their drive, and wanting to execute real music for real fans! I hope you enjoyed this interview as much as I did, because not only am I fan of State Of Illusion. I am a friend to them now and I am forever grateful for their sacrifices for us fans who love music.


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