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JORN Unveil Music Video For Cover Of The EAGLES’ ‘Hotel California’ (June 2nd, 2016) | News @ Metal Forces Magazine

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JORN Unveil Music Video For Cover Of The EAGLES’ ‘Hotel California’
June 2nd, 2016

Norwegian heavy metal band Jorn, fronted by vocalist Jørn Lande, have filmed a music video for their cover of the Eagles’ ‘Hotel California’, which can be viewed below. The original version was the title track of the Eagles’ fifth full-length studio album, released in 1976.

Jorn issue covers album Heavy Rock Radio on June 3rd, 2016 through Frontiers Music Srl.

Jørn Lande commented: “The most important thing was to treat these songs with respect towards the original versions, my goal was always to think that the original artist would be honoured and find my version relevant. At the same time my intention was never to try to compete with the original song and artist, but make it a strong alternative version to enjoy. At the same time it is a well deserved homage to these artists and bands, who influenced me strongly, and I have wanted to record these songs for quite some time but was always too busy writing and recording my own songs to make it happen. Originally I had a list of 40-50 songs I wanted to do, but I had to strip it down to about 15 songs before deciding on the final tracklist. This means that there are some unfinished business musically, and I will most likely record more of these songs in the future.”

The track listing is as follows;

01. ‘I Know There’s Something Going On’ (Frida cover)
02. ‘Running Up That Hill’ (Kate Bush cover)
03. ‘Rev On The Red Line’ (Foreigner cover)
04. ‘You’re The Voice’ (John Farnham cover)
05. ‘Live To Win’ (Paul Stanley cover)
06. ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ (Journey cover)
07. ‘Killer Queen’ (Queen cover)
08. ‘Hotel California’ (Eagles cover)
09. ‘Rainbow In The Dark’ (Dio cover)
10. ‘The Final Frontier’ (Iron Maiden cover)
11. ‘Stormbringer’ (Deep Purple cover)
12. ‘Die Young’ (Black Sabbath cover)

Heavy Rock Radio’s general recording line-up is as follows;

Jørn Lande (vocals)
Trond Holter (guitar)
Thomas Bekkevold (bass)
Francesco Iovino (drums)
Alessandro Del Vecchio (keyboards)

The track exceptions are as follows, meanwhile;

‘Rainbow In The Dark’

Jimmy Iversen (guitar)
Tore Moren (guitar)
Nic Angileri (bass)
Willy Bendiksen (drums)


Jorn Viggo Lofstad (guitar)
Sid Ringsby (bass)
Willy Bendiksen (drums)

Music videos were filmed for Jorn’s renditions of Frida’s ‘I Know There’s Something Going On’, Paul Stanley’s ‘Live To Win’, Deep Purple’s ‘Stormbringer’ and Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill’, which can also be viewed below.

Eleventh studio record Traveller was released in June 2013.

Source: Metal Force
JORN Unveil Music Video For Cover Of The EAGLES’ ‘Hotel California’ (June 2nd, 2016) | News @ Metal Forces Magazine

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