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Knuckle Puck Is Pissed At Jarrod Alonge And Things Got Heated On Twitter

Posted October 19, 2016 by Josh Drespling in Empire Extreme News Feed

YouTuber Jarrod Alonge and members of Knuckle Puck are involved in a war of words over a piece of satirical merch that was posted by Alonge yesterday. Alonge is known for creating parodies of bands, genres, and skits that sometimes even involve participation from the bands themselves.

Regardless of his longstanding history of satirizing bands, members of Knuckle Puck were enraged by the spoof and got into a heated dispute with Alonge online. Knuckle Puck drummer John Siorek responded to Alonge’s Tweet, voicing outrage over the spoof.

Alonge recently launched the “Chodez1lla” page which is a parody of Attila vocalist Chris “Fronz1lla” Fronzack’s popular Facebook page that frequently shares memes and merch designs. The YouTuber also posted a hilarious video making fun of Fronzak’s recent “apology” video that lead to the release of their first single from their upcoming album, Chaos.

Soon after Knuckle Puck drummer John Siorek called him out, Alonge responded. Knuckle Puck vocalist Joe Taylor also jumped in on the feud and called out Alonge.

For his part, Alonge tried to diffuse the situation by responding with humor. Taylor accused him of making light of the situation because he “fucked up” and told him to say something to his face the next time he saw him.

Alonge has developed his audience based upon his own merits and through various skits and creative videos, so it’s unfair to argue that he made a career out of mocking Knuckle Puck.

Alonge continued to make light of the situation, while Taylor seemed infuriated by the parody of their merch designs. [The design used by Alonge is one used commonly by bands in the pop punk scene and is not exclusive to Knuckle Puck] Taylor, furious at this point, demanded that Alonge remove the parody shirt from the internet immediately.

The beef sent Twitter into a frenzy that seemed to backfire on the band.

Austin Dickey, a popular deathcore vocalist, YouTuber, and all around meme daddy, posted this hilarious meme in response to the controversy.

Alonge responded to the band beef with a hilarious video schooling everyone on trademark infringement, including a few “totally random tweets” that aren’t relevant to the aforementioned drama.

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Knuckle Puck Is Pissed At Jarrod Alonge And Things Got Heated On Twitter
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