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L.A. Guns Baltimore Maryland

Posted April 25, 2017 by Ron in Empire Extreme News Feed

April 21st 2017
FishHead Cantina, Baltimore MD.

Story/Photos/Videos: Ron Senyo

The kings of sleaze, glam, hair, whatever you want to call it 80s metal rockers are back. Reunited Phil Lewis and Tracii Guns are exactly what the everlasting metal scene needs, with in your face pure rock and roll perfectly shoved down your throat. L.A. Guns for the last 15 years or so have been divided into two factions. But as it was written so shall it be told, the band has been revived and I hope that it stays, because this was the best L.A. Guns show I have seen in too many years. With a new album to drop The Missing Peace which is an perfect title with Phil and Tracii back together.
As I and the fans anxiously waited for L.A. Guns to come on stage , Diary of a mad man from Ozzy Osborne played in the background, we knew that it was only seconds until they came out on stage. Then Bam there it was Phil and Tracii on the same stage together, what an amazing sight to see. Tracii absolutely destroyed the stage, shredding his guitar like a possessed lunatic. Phil’s vocals were on point and he genuinely looked like his was enjoying himself on stage. Throughout the show Phil and Tracii joined together for harmonies and onstage shenanigans. With this lineup we also saw Micheal Grant with his signature look killing it on guitar, while at the same time smoking a cigarette and singing without missing a beat or dropping his smoke. Johnny Martin was on bass and Shane Fitzgibbon was on the drums.
Playing all the Classics songs that you would only expect L.A.Guns to play like “ Electric Gypsy”, “ Sex Action” and “Ballad of Jayne”. Tracii also pulled out some AC/DC’sHells Bells” during his solo and he also pulled out a Thermin and played that with the band playing in the background. That was definitely a kick ass moment.
This lineup was perfect, it had it all. Amazing music, pure and genuine onstage fun, and of course not to beat a dead horse but PHIL AND TRACII ARE BACK!!! I can’t wait to hear the new album and see L.A. Guns still strive and continue on for many more years to come.



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