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Lacuna Coil live review Baltimore MD 2016

Posted May 27, 2016 by Ron in Live

Lacuna Coil live review Baltimore MD 2016

By Ron Senyo

lacuna-coil-002When you combine beautiful, dark, and eerie with depression, anger, love and compassion, then you have Lacuna Coil. Lacuna Coil has been a band for nearly 20 years. They have a total of eight albums, the latest being released on May 27th. Lacuna Coil is fronted by the gorgeous and vocally talented Christina Scabbia and the charismatic and vocally gifted Andrea “Andy” Ferro.

Lacuna Coil came to The Ramshead in Baltimore to deliver a show that you will remember for a lifetime. This band loves their fans and the fans reciprocate that love. Every member plays to the crowd, during their set both vocalist walk to the edge of the stage to shake hands and bump fists multiple time to build that bond between fan and musician. Bassist, Marco Zelati was handing picks to the crowd and at one time flung a few dozen of them into the crowd.

During the show at Ramshead they played a long and amazing set, with most of the songs coming from the last album to be released Broken Crown Halo and Dark Adrenaline. The rest of the set was an even mix of their previous albums. They also played two songs from the new album Delirium. Lacuna Coil kicked off the night with “Nothing Stands in our Way”, which is the perfect song to start the show and makes a clear and bold statement that Lacuna Coil is here and you better be ready.
lacuna-coil-004As the set progressed they began mixing one older song with one new. They ripped through “Die and Rise,” “Kill The Light,” “Victims”, and “Spellbound” which is always a crowd pleaser. When you see all the fans singing along with the band you know you are doing something right.

They jumped into the first track to be released off the new album “The House of Shame”, this song has been described by the band as a perfect example of what to expect from the new album. This track is brutal and very hard, yet still has that Lacuna Coil sound. The band launched into “Heaven’s A Lie” one of the bands most popular songs, got the crowd into more of a frenzy. I believe this is my favorite song from Lacuna Coil. I love the sound and the way both vocals work together.

As the set was winding down they played “Enjoy the Silence” originally by Depeche Mode, but Lacuna Coil nail this cover and put their own mark on it. Christina asked the crowd to help by singing along and of course the crowd obliged. As the finished the Depeche Mode Cover, the stage fell silent and the band exit the stage. After a few moments they returned to preform three more songs as their encore. The did “Trip In The Darkness,” “Zombies,” and ended the night perfectly with “Our Truth”.  Making the crowd lose themselves one more time for the night, banging heads and jumping up with every bit of energy they had left.

lacuna-coil-001Following the show Lacuna Coil went to the merch. table and signed autographs for the fans, solidifying that this band is here for the fans and knows that without them they couldn’t do this. You could see the honestly and how genuine they are to their fans.

I have seen Lacuna Coil many, many times since the release of Comalies. They have never disapointed and always put on an amazing show. I’ve always had a soft spot for this band because I lived in Italy for 4 ½ years and just love everything about the culture, the accents, and the humble nature of this band. If you’re into having a good time at a show, you need to see this Lacuna Coil.

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