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Listener – Altar Bar – Pittsburgh PA – April 2016

Posted April 18, 2016 by Josh Drespling in Live

Listener-02Listener is one of those bands that as soon as you are exposed to them you fall deeply in love with their music, their passion, and their deviation from the norm. They are poetic, heartfelt, and entertaining.

Tonight they took to the stage clad in woman’s dresses that looked like they were fresh off the rack at the Goodwill Store. They insisted they were wearing their Sunday’s best as the venue they were playing in was an old converted church still emblazoned with crosses and stained glass windows.

Listener-03On this night I was profoundly made aware that Listener’s style had migrated to one that is a bit more traditional as they now function as a three piece in a live setting. As you would expect there was guitar, bass, and drums. Spattered between the distorted chug of the guitar and the pounding thump of the bass is the enigmatic jewel of the band, Dan Smith. His quirky and passionate vocal stylings would leave you wanting him to stammer through just one more line, one more verse, and one more artful expression of fear, loneliness, and hopelessness. Unfortunately this new version of the band buries the most prized portion of their musical extravaganza deep in a musical muck that has been presented by thousands of bands before them.

Listener-04To say I was a bit disappointed would be an understatement. Albeit Dan did perform one piece that included his cornet playing, but that seemed to be too little, too late.
Maybe this was an off night, or they were rushed to the stage, or not feeling well, but based on the tonight’s show they are slowly sliding off my radar.

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