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Otep – Generation Doom – Review

Posted May 7, 2016 by Ron in CD Reviews


Generation Doom

Released April 15th 2016
Napalm Records

Generation Doom is Otep’s 7th full album. This CD is a masterpiece which blends Otep’s exceptional writing skills and ability to be open with the pure anger and beautiful serenity of her feelings. Crushing screams and furious flows blended with the rest of the band’s harmonies remind the listener that Otep is still a force to be reckoned with.

“ZERO” starts off the album, and boy does it ever start kick the album into high gear. With as many fucks that one can comprehend and then even more with an undeniable guttural scream. “But I don’t give a fuck, I don’t give a fuck, I don’t give a fuck, fuck, fuck, zero fucks I don’t give a fuck”.

“Feeding Frenzy” doesn’t let up after “Zero” has you pinned to the ground. This song has a very SEVAS TRA feel to it. Brutal and honest with that metal flow.

“Lords of War” is an perfect example of political awareness without being overly political. “I’d rather be in battle than at peace, I’d rather be a wolf than a sheep, I’d rather be in battle than slaughtered like cattle, The weak can sleep while”.

“Royal” is a cover of Lorde’s song. Once again proves that Otep have the ability and guts to take a song of any genre and make it not only there own but kick fucking ass doing it.

“In Cold Blood” is a beautiful yet sad song. With this track Otep lets us get a glimpse of the personal spaces of her mind. This song is by far one of my favorite on the album. It perches Otep and her gorgeous vocals on top of the female singers of the genre. “Somethings wrong with me for thinking somethings right with you. Now I’m lost inside the smog, choking on the shame”.

“Down” is a track that makes you want to throw your fist and throw out the deuces too. Blending hip hop and metal the only way Otep knows how.

“God is a Gun” “There’s a monster in the garden you call him god . There’s a monster in the garden eating you alive” Blasphemous to some, Glorious to others . This song will still make you think.

“Equal Rights, Equal Lefts” has a more hip hop feel to it. With amazing lyrics like “ He called me a dyke, I called him an ambulance” and “ I’ll always get more pussy than you”. I admire songs like this where a band can stretch beyond what is expected of them and still deliver quality.

“No Color/Lie” Both of these songs show such a depression and aggression from past relationships and how they leave you saddled with all the baggage.

“Generation Doom” Pulls you right back into fast, hard ,and forceful anger. “I don’t care what you fucking say just say it to my face”

“On The Shore” The last track on the CD not only brings an eerie sound but again letting Otep shine with her perfect lyrics and beautiful voice . Such a great way to end the cd.

This is by far my favorite album since HOUSE OF SECRETS, and is right up there with SEVAS TRA. Go out and get this album is you like truthful lyrics mixed in with different emotional music.



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