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OTEP (live review)

Posted May 30, 2016 by Ron in Live

OTEP Live Review

Baltimore Soundstage May 11th 2016

By Ron Senyo


Otep, on their Generation Doom tour, stopped in Baltimore for a night of chaos, intellectual speech, and equality for all. While the stage was set for doom and gloom, they included the Prince symbol next to the drum set in remembrance of the “great Purple one”.

Otep came out with a bang and started the night off with the song “Battle Ready,” which set the tone of how the night was going to be. Without giving the crowd a moment to adjust to the madness, they played “Zero,” a song which shows how Otep really does not give a fuck. “Zero” is the first track on their newest album, Generation Doom.

The set consisted mostly of songs from Generation Doom and their debut album Sevas Tra, which in my opinion are their best two records to date.

otep3After performing their new rap “Equal Rights, Equal Lefts,” Otep brought out her infamous pig head, which they have been using in shows for years. The band played “Blood Pigs” as she angrily spun the pig’s head and threw it evil death stares. Later, she brought out a Donald Trump mask, put it on a stand and threatened it with a spiked bat. Its antics like these that make it obcious why she is known for her commanding stage presence. She has no problem getting the crowd to go crazy in the pit, and ralling the crows with her political leanings. Whether you share her ideas or not, I love that Otep is so open about her views and not afraid to speak about them to the masses. Even better, she manages to do it in a non-condescending way.

“Confrontation” was to be their final song of the night, but after a few minutes of the crowd chanting “OTEP OTEP,” the band returned to the stage to perform the title track from Generation Doom as their encore.

otep4I’ve seen many times since the beginning of their career and have never seen them put on a bad show. They are able to play to the crowd and know exactly what the people want to see and hear. This performance solidified that Otep is here to stay and will continue to be a force to be reckoned with long into the future.








Battle Ready
Crooked Spoons
Lords of War
In Cold Blood
Equal Rights, Equal Lefts
Blood Pigs
Apex Predator
My Confession

Generation Doom

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