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Poison Headache – self titled (review)

Posted June 1, 2016 by Ron in CD Reviews

Poison Headache  – Self-Title

Reviews by Ron Senyo

If you like old school, punk, speed-metal infused with a modern touch then Poison Headache is one you need to check out. A three piece band formed by Singer/guitarist Andy Kukta, Singer/guitarist/bassist Phil Sgrosso (Wovenwar, As I Lay Dying), and drummer Kyle Rosa. Hailing from San Diego the home of bands like Cattle Decapitation and Author & Punisher this tri has produced a debut album that is an aggressive and fast slap to the gizzards. Ten tracks that not only blow out your eardrums but make you want to kick down the doors.

The album that is to be released on Metal Blade Records on  June 3rd 2016 starts with theopening track “Sin Eater”. Right away they are in your face with fast paced riffs and migrate to a  killer as groove reminiscent of the heyday of thrash and punk cross over bands.  ”Rot with me” is another track that just gets you in that old school vibe with a mix of death metal added in for good measure.

Poison Headache slow down the pace on “Grey Skies” well for about a minute at least, then they come back hard and brutal. “Hail Colossus” is one of my favorite tracks on the album, it just reminds me of good times when speed metal was there to kick ass and didn’t take any prisoners.

This album is a kick fucking ass album, from beginning to end the songs are perfect. If you dig the speed metal type bands, I would highly recommend you pick this album as soon as it is available in June. You will not regret it. I’m looking forward to when this band tours in my area so I can check this out on stage.

Poison Headache Track Listing:

  1. Sin Eater
  2. Pity the Backseat
  3. Rot with Me
  4. Conspirator
  5. Gray Skies
  6. Benumbed
  7. Death’s Design
  8. Hail, Colossus
  9. Never. Again.
  10. Discloser

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