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Roundup From The Compound – October 31st, 2016

Posted October 31, 2016 by Josh Drespling in Empire Extreme News Feed


NO LIGHT: Copenhagen-Based Indie Rockers Issue Video For “I.R.W.M.A.M.W.T.O.” Via Massive Danish Magazine Gaffa – Copenhagen-based alternative/indie rock outfit NO LIGHT has just issued a killer studio-filmed video for “I.R.W.M.A.M.W.T.O.,” which is taken from the band’s Gemini debut LP, impending release through Indisciplinarian in November. The video sees premiere via Gaffa, one of Denmark’s largest magazines. [MORE…]

ALBEZ DUZ: Occult Doom Rock Conjurors Stream Wings Of Tzinacan At The Obelisk; Album Out NOW Via Listenable – “…an eight-track/51-minute excursion into murk that calls to mind Type O Negative and The Butterfly Effect-era Moonspell as much as Paradise Lost while still retaining an identity of its own in its sense of atmosphere, depth of mix, and arrangement flourish…” – The Obelisk This Friday, occult doom rock conjurors ALBEZ DUZ will release their Wings Of Tzinacan full-length in North America via Listenable Records. [MORE…]

SEE?: Group Featuring Members Of Netherlands, Cibo Matto, Spacehog, Bangladeafy, Seabrook Power Plant, And More To Release New Record Via Nefarious Industries – Nefarious Industries presents Lighteninging On Your Thames, the new album from eccentric and spontaneous megacollective, SEE?, the record now being finalized for release this December. SEE? is a spontaneous supergroup featuring bassist Jon Ehlers (Bangladeafy, Pseudo/Sentai), guitarist Brandon Seabrook (Seabrook Power Plant, Needle Driver, Die Trommel Fatale), and drummer/vocalist/producer Timo Ellis (Netherlands, Cibo Matto, Spacehog, Joan as Police Woman), with additional keyboards by Stuart Popejoy (Bassoon, Sugarlife). [MORE…]

THE BLACK SCORPIO UNDERGROUND: Black Death Industrial Miscreants Undrape “She Who Cannot Be Saved” Video At No Clean Singing; Necrochasm Full-Length Out NOWT.B.S.U. traffics in harsh noise, industrial, ambient, and elements of black metal. T.B.S.U. also traffics in fear, torment, claustrophobia, and death. This song in particular is anchored by huge, heaving waves of deep, distorted sound, rising and falling against a shimmering ambient background.” – No Clean Singing With the release of Necrochasm, the forthcoming sonic nightmare from Los Angeles-based black death industrial miscreants THE BLACK SCORPIO UNDERGROUND, now less than one week away, today No Clean Singing is pleased to undrape the visual companion to the track “She Who Cannot Be Saved.” [MORE…]

TUTTI I COLORI DEL BUIO Issues Horror-Themed Video For From Initiation Into Nothingness Debut LP Through Decibel Magazine – Italian hardcore punk killers TUTTI I COLORI DEL BUIO have released a brutal spaghetti-horror/thriller-themed video for the track “Three Times Denied Means Fuck You” through Decibel Magazine, the track hailing from the band’s newly-issued Initiation Into Nothingness debut LP. [MORE…]

DYSCARNATE: UK Death Metal Behemoths Join Unique Leader Records For The Release Of Third Full-Length – 2016 ushers in a new dawn for UK metal trio DYSCARNATE. After a period of silence spent writing and dealing with personnel shifts due to the loss of longtime member Henry Bates, the group is set to return with a third album, a fresh sound, a new vocalist/bassist in Arceye’s Al Llewellyn, and a union with Florida’s renowned Unique Leader Records. [MORE…]

ULCERATE: Entire Shrines Of Paralysis LP Streaming; Album Out NOW On Relapse Records + North American Tour Looms – The unrelenting Shrines Of Paralysis – the fifth full-length album from New Zealand’s leading death metal unit, ULCERATE – sees release through Relapse Records this Friday, the label making the entire album available for streaming early. ULCERATE‘s Shrines Of Paralysis is a flawless continuation of the band’s signature sonic philosophy, spanning eight tracks of forward-thinking death metal, incorporating a wider range of styles and ideas than ever before. [MORE…]

RISK RELAY Premieres “My Weight Disappearing” From Nefarious Industries-Bound As We Descend LP Through Metal Insider – As New Jersey-based quartet RISK RELAY finalizes their fourth full-length, As We Descend, through Nefarious Industries in November, the public’s first preview of the album has been made available through an exclusive stream of the track “My Weight Disappearing,” now playing at Metal Insider. Closing a three-year gap between releases, RISK RELAY sought out new inspirational energy and direction for the creation of this new concept recording. As We Descend was recorded between March and June of 2016 in full analog to 2” tape, engineered by RISK RELAY drummer Brian Buccellato at his own Volume IV studio in New Brunswick, and mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side. The lyrics for As We Descend are inspired by the late nineteenth-century science fiction novel, Etidorhpa, which depicts the story of a man banished to an alternate world within the center of the Earth, this theme also reflected in the artwork created by Bryan Elkins. [MORE…]

MARS RED SKY: Psychedelic Stoner Doom Trio Unveils Alien Grounds Film; Band To Kick Off European Live Dates – French psychedelic stoner doom sorcerers MARS RED SKY is pleased to unveil their near-thirteen-minute short film Alien Grounds. Boasting a rad vintage car, handsome actors, a crazy spaceship, a dangerous alien, and an odd dive bar, Alien Grounds takes “Apex III” and “Sapphire Vessel,” the first two tracks from the Bordeaux trio’s third and latest album, Apex III (Praise for the Burning Soul) and puts them to a science fiction narrative. [MORE…]

NATHANAEL LAROCHETTE: Decibel Magazine Premieres “Invocation” Performance Video From Musk Ox/The Night Watch Guitarist; Earth And Sky Double Album Available NOW – Earlier this year, Musk Ox/The Night Watch guitarist NATHANAEL LAROCHETTE self-released a stunning double solo album entitled Earth And Sky. Comprised of two distinct yet complimentary albums, Earth is a collection of solo classical guitar works which act as the stark acoustic counterpart to Sky, a layered, forty-minute ambient electric composition. The neofolk and post rock influences which inspired the creation of Musk Ox are each given their own space to breathe and evolve on Earth And Sky, creating an ever unfolding work of intimate vastness. [MORE…]

COGNITIVE: Metal Injection Premieres Deformity Full-Length From Brutal Death Metal Faction – This Friday, Garden State-based bludgeoning death metal faction COGNITIVE will unleash their pulverizing Deformity full-length upon the masses. The nine-track slab of inexorable brutality was captured at Full Force Studio by Joe Cincotta (Suffocation, Internal Bleeding, Dehumanized), mastered at West West Side Studios by Alan Douches (Cannibal Corpse, Converge, Black Breath, Mastodon et al), and includes a guest appearance by Misery Index’s Mark Kloeppel. [MORE…]

MANIPULATE and COUNTDOWN: Two More Tracks From Flatspot Records’ The Extermination Vol. 3 Comp Playing Exclusively At Clrvynt – Now less than two weeks from release is Flatspot Records’ crushing The Extermination Vol. 3 compilation, featuring brand new and exclusive tracks some of the current hardcore scene’s top acts. As the street date closes in, the label issues two more songs from the impending LP, with new jams from MANIPULATE and COUNTDOWN hitting the public this week through Clrvynt. [MORE…]

ENSLAVED Stream “Heimvegen” From Forthcoming Sleeping Gods – Thorn Compilation – Norwegian progressive extreme metal icons ENSLAVED will release The Sleeping Gods – Thorn compilation November 11th via By Norse Music. A full-length album comprised of rare material from 2010-2011, The Sleeping Gods – Thorn is a unique collection of experimental recordings connecting with the band’s early roots. [MORE…]

EYE OF NIX: Seattle Sound Contortionists Confirm November Performances; New Material In The Works + Live Footage Posted – Seattle sound contortionists EYE OF NIX will bring their sonic rituals to the stage next month for three special performances in Washington and Oregon, including a show supporting SubRosa and Eight Bells on November 18th on their home turf followed by an appearance at Dismal Fest, also in Seattle, on January 19th. Additional live ceremonies will be announced in the weeks to come. In the meantime, check out live footage from the band at the Panic Room in Portland last May. [MORE…]

The DRX To Release Epic Concept Album Throughout Within Via Nefarious Industries; Record Includes Contributions From Members Of Kayo Dot, Psalm Zero, And More – Nefarious Industries is proud to announce the impending release of the epic new concept record from The DRX, titled Throughout Within. The record, written and performed by composer and multi-instrumentalist Dan Romans, features contributions from members of Psalm Zero, Kayo Dot, The Riot Oak, and many others. New York musician Dan Romans has revivified his compositional entity: the persistent yet rarely observed avant-rock powerhouse, The DRX. Succeeding a five-year gestation, The DRX is birthing its magnum opus Throughout Within, a dense, fifty-seven continuous minutes of cathartic music. The motific concept album effuses lush, emotive sound that expands upon and surpasses the despondent tone and dynamic intensity of previous albums, The Deepening Hole (2011) and Thesis (2009). [MORE…]

LOSER LIFE: Magic Bullet Records Presents Digital Catalog For California Hardcore Punk Outfit; Six Titles Set For November Release – Magic Bullet Records announces more titles for the label’s 20th anniversary series, confirming the upcoming digital catalog from defunct Central California melodic hardcore outfit, LOSER LIFE. Driven by the desperation and anxieties of their toxic living environment, Bakersfield’s LOSER LIFE channeled those negativities and turned them into powerful bursts of melodic hardcore during their five years together. Beginning in 2005, the band became the flagship band of the now-defunct Munoz Gym, releasing multiple EPs and LPs with the Going Underground, Magic Bullet, and Life’s A Rape labels, and completing multiple United States and European tours before their split in 2010. Taking cues from Hüsker Dü, Articles Of Faith, and Thrasher Skate Rock compilations before them, LOSER LIFE managed to run these influences though a filter that could only come from a place like Bakersfield, giving them a different take on an old formula and making it their own. [MORE…]

MADDER MORTEM: Noisey Streams Red In Tooth And Claw Full-Length From Long-Running Avant Metal Unit; Record Out NOW On  Dark Essence“We want to make music that assumes that the listener is too smart to accept stale, second-hand ideas hidden in non-threatening commercialist packaging and production. We want to make music that demands your attention, that you must invest in to understand, but that will keep giving you something fresh on the tenth and the hundredth listen.” — Agnete M. Kirkevaag, MADDER MORTEM Tomorrow marks the long-awaited release of Red In Tooth And Claw, the sixth full-length studio offering from Norwegian avant metal collective, MADDER MORTEM. In advance of its official unveiling, Vice’s music portal Noisey is streaming the record in its magicalentirety noting, “Oslo fivesome MADDER MORTEM is a wonderfully multifaceted example of that Norwegian tendency towards strange musical experiments; on their new album, Red In Tooth And Claw, the progressive metallers explore all manner of heavy sounds, and lighter ones, and epic ones, and electronic ones—they’re impossible to categorize or cut down into easily digestible genre tags. You just need to listen—and we recommend doing so below, where we’re streaming the album in its entirety.” [MORE…]

THE OCEAN To Kick Off US West Coast Live Takeover; Tour Trailer Posted – Germany’s premier progressive/post-metal collective, THE OCEAN, is returning to North America for a near-two-week run of live takeovers. Set to run from October 30th through November 9th, the band will be joined by North and The Gorge. The West Coast trek includes a stop in Las Vegas Halloween night to share the stage with Napalm Death. See all confirmed dates below and the tour trailer below. [MORE…]

STEEL HOOK PROSTHESES: Calm Morbidity Streaming At No Clean Singing; Record Out NOW Through Malignant Records – Just before Malignant Records releases Calm Morbidity — the cruel tenth full-length from Dallas death industrial duo, STEEL HOOK PROSTHESES — No Clean Singing has undertaken the courageous role of hosting a stream of the entire record. The descriptive dissection of Calm Morbidity includes, “Even at its most quiet, the album is busy dismantling anything that resembles complacency or satisfaction and replacing it with claustrophobia and horror. And when the music reaches crescendos of black, storming, gut-churning sound, the atmosphere becomes one of unmitigated despair.” [MORE…]

THIS WILL DESTROY YOU: The A.V. Club Premieres Previously Unreleased Track From Instrumental Rock Collective; Young Mountain Tenth Anniversary Reissue To Be Unveiled Next Month + Special Live Dates Loom – On June 6th, 2006 (06.06.06), Texas-bred instrumental rock collective THIS WILL DESTROY YOU unleashed their debut Young Mountain and never looked back. Initially recorded as a demo/document to commemorate four guys’ college band, the scope never centered around the notion of the music being commercially released, as most of the band members intended to move on to more traditional careers after school. The initial pressing was a mere 1000 copies, just enough to have something to sell at the merch table on the inaugural tour with labelmates Sparrows Swarm And Sing, via retail stores, and the label’s mailorder. [MORE…]

H. P. LOVECRAFT’s Pickman’s Model Deluxe LP To See November Release Through Cadabra Records; Sample Playing At Decibel Magazine – “God, man! Don’t you realise that places like that [the North End] weren’t merely made, but actually grew? Generation after generation lived and felt and died there, and in days when people weren’t afraid to live and feel and die… No, Thurber, these ancient places are dreaming gorgeously and overflowing with wonder and terror and escapes from the commonplace, and yet there’s not a living soul to understand or profit by them.” Spoken arts and deluxe vinyl label, Cadabra Records, continues their ongoing homage to the timeless works of horror master H. P. LOVECRAFT, with the impending release of Pickman’s Model. A terrifying piece of the new album has been issued exclusively through Decibel Magazine alongside preorders for the record. [MORE…

NATHANIEL SHANNON AND THE VANISHING TWIN  Undrapes Gruesome “Debutantes” Video At Cvlt Nation; Trespasses LP Out Now – “…a peyote-fueled nightmare…” — Cvlt Nation Today marks the official unveiling of Trespasses, the alluringly disturbing full-length debut from Brooklyn via-Detroit artist NATHANIEL SHANNON AND THE VANISHING TWIN. Out now on Aqualamb, the offering features fifteen truly haunting tracks, the accumulation of nearly a decade of bedroom recordings by singer and multi-instrumentalist NATHANIEL SHANNON. [MORE…]

MARTYRDÖD Premieres Video For “Harmagedon” Via BrooklynVegan; Southern Lord Unveils Preorders For List Album – The maiden single to be issued from List – the crushing sixth full-length album from Swedish d-beat crust outfit, MARTYRDÖD — has been made available as an official video for the track “Harmagedon” is premiered at BrooklynVegan. MARTYRDÖD is a central figure in the modern era of the international community of crust — in no small part due to their members’ links to other exemplary bands such as Skitsystem and Agrimonia — but over the years, their powerful allure has resonated in a whole host of intrigued listeners across the spectrum of heavy, enamored by their bleak outlook and scorching melodies. For fifteen years, the members of MARTYRDÖD have honed their craft to a level of mastery, and it shows — List is quite possibly the most refined record to slip in to their furious, spiky discography, and it doesn’t let up for a moment. [MORE…]

EARSPLIT DISTRO: Be sure to raid EARSPLIT DISTRO for all titles from The Compound Recs including CLASSHOLE (featuring members of Eyehategod, Mountain Of Wizard, haarp, and more), DIE CHOKING, LAE (featuring Steve Austin from Today Is The Day), GRIDFAILURE, GODHUNTER, and more, in addition to hundreds of imported/distributed titles from Selfmadegod Records, Supernatural Cat, 20 Buck Spin, Indisciplinarian, Exile On Mainstream, and many others. [GO HERE]

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Roundup From The Compound – October 31st, 2016
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