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Sabaton – live review

Posted September 22, 2016 by Josh Drespling in Live
Sabaton Empire Extreme

Sabaton – live review – Baltimore Soundstage

September 16th 2016

By Ron Senyo:

sabaton-003Prior to the Sabaton, Trivium, and Huntress show in Baltimore, MD I was outside taking in some fresh air and waiting for the show to start. As I’m standing beside the venue this crazy yet mysterious S.S. looking car pulled up to the curb. It resembled what could have been a revamped version of the classic time-traveling DeLorean made famous by the Back to the Future movies. As I’m standing there somewhat perplexed and equally intrigued the door came open and out popped a guy who appeared old enough to be my grandfather wearing a Sabaton t-shirt.  This surreal moment became even more bizarre as handful of personal security personnel began to escort him.  Turns out he was the Bulgarian Prime Minister of Economy, Bozhidar Lukarski. How insane is that?

Sabaton took the stage and the crowd was completely drawn in. It was apparent that the majority of the crowd were there to see Sabaton. Sabaton is a entertaining band with a sound that is reminiscent of bands like Hammerfall, Manowar, and Blind Guardian. They performed songs with themes of war and epic battles while clad in camouflage and the lead singer, Joakim Brodén wore a bulletproof vest and white camo pants.

The band opened up with their song, “Ghost Division” from their Art of War release. Then dove into the epic “Sparta” and followed up with “Blood of Bannock Burn” from their new album The Last Stand.

Sabaton Empire Extreme

Sabaton Empire Extreme

It was evident that the band had a lot of fun and were thoroughly enjoying the night. Additionally the crowd was loving every minute of Sabaton’s powerful set as they fed off the positive energy from the band. The audience were chanting the band’s name and you could see the band was in awe at the overwhelming response and energy.

Near the end of their set there was a nine-year-old girl and her father that the band pulled onstage. Joakim, the lead singer took off his sunglasses and gave them to the girl. The drummer, Hannes Van Dahl gave her one of his drumsticks and let them hang out at the side of the stage to watch Sabaton triumphantly perform they last song of the night, “Primo Victoria”.

During this song they let the wide-eyed little girl bang on the drums for a bit.

This was my first opportunity to see Sabaton live and they proved to an awesome live band. They put on an exceptional set that kept everyone in attendance interested from beginning to end, complete with over-the-top themes and pure rock-n-roll craziness throughout the show.



Ghost Division
Blood of Bannock Burn
Swedish Pagans
Carlous Rex
Lion from the North
Lost Battalion
To Hell and Back
Winged Hussars

Night Witches
Primo Victoria

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