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Stabbing Westward Show Review

Posted August 22, 2017 by Ron in Live

Baltimore MD
August 17th 2017


Somehow while driving downtown in Baltimore I must have ran into a cosmic disturbance because I was transferred back into the mid-late 90s, where the goth and club kids thrived( this was before hot topics) and great industrial music was being made.I remember going to the record store to pick up Stabbing Westwards album “Wither Blister Burn&Peel”. This was such an amazing album. I then got the chance to see the band somewhere between 1997-98 and was blown away by how amazing this band was.

Fast forward to 2017, I’m on my way to the show whiles listening to that same album again, and it’s still just as amazing as it was the first time that I heard it. Singer Chris Hall came out and just demanded the stage once again. Usually at SoundStage they have a barrier between the stage and the fans, not tonight which made it so the band and Chris could interact with the fans throughout the show.

Throughout the night the band played songs from all the albums that they have released. They even played “ Violent Mood Swings” which was off the “Ungod” album from 1993. I was super excited when they played “Falls apart”, which is one of my favorite songs that they have done. From time to time Chris would say “ this is a love song” and then go into many songs that are definitely not a love song. Like I said since the crowd was so upclose to the stage, this brought out many great moments. One girl was wearing a dress then all of a sudden she wasn’t wearing the dress anymore and was just wearing some chain mail outfit which threw Chris off, At one point during the show he had puked a little in his mouth but still continued to sing the song, then walked off stage and came back to let us know what happened.

This was such amazing show, and brought back so many good memories from the past. They ended with “ What do I have to do” which was just Purely amazing. Guitarist Mark Eliopulos had some family in the crowd the night. Keyboardist Walter Flakus still was just as lively as he was back in the day. Such a great time and I hope that decide to maybe do some more touring because everyone needs to see Stabbing Westward play. After the show Chris and Walter came over to the Merch table to sign autographs and take pictures with all the fans.

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