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Surgical Meth Machine (review)

Posted May 17, 2016 by Josh Drespling in CD Reviews



Nuclear Blast Records
April 2016
By Ron S & Josh Drespling

Hey kids! Do you want to know what it feels like to use hardcore drugs? Do you want to float high above this world in heavenly, creative, and abstract infinity? Do you want to experience heroin, LSD, and every other conscious-altering chemical known to man without fear of incredible debilitating and life-changing side effects? Then the new Surgical Meth Machine album is exactly what the doctor has ordered.

The new project of Uncle Al, a.k.a. Al Jorgensen, (Ministry, Revolting Cock, 1000 Homo DJs, and Acid Horse) will tickle your senses and make you feel like you are on an everlasting acid trip. It’s musical bliss and bloody back alley fist fights rolled into one nice little pill.

The twelve tracks contained on this auditory adventure never stop, as they continue from one song to the next in what has been referred to as the Pink Floyd effect. These twelve tracks are built on crazy drum loops, shredding guitars, and found sounds juxtaposed with mountains of samples and Al’s insanely provocative lyrics.

The album starts off with “I’m Sensitive.” It ramps up with a blusterous rant by Al about him being sensitive to messages and comments offered up by internet trolls or critics.  Without a moment’s notice and in typical “Al fashion” he flips the script. Blasting though your speakers comes a healthy dose of industrialized-techno with Al screaming, “I don’t fucking care!”

The next few tracks take you deeper and deeper into the twisted mind of Uncle Al and the spiral of craziness that embodies him and his music. The album is chocked full of insane gabber-like beats and thrilling guitars. The track “Unlistenable” is either an odd way to state what bands Al is into or a more likely a straight-up dis to all of them with vocal lines like “This has got to be a joke,” and “You’re fucking kidding me” in reference to bands like Iron Maiden, Megadeath, Lamb of God, and the most hated band, Nickelback. “I wouldn’t even give you a penny back,” Al quips.  His own band, Ministry, is not safe from the tirade, nor is The Cure or Morrissey. The only band offered any adulation is Devo, as Al declares, “They fucking rule” and then breaks into a cover of Devo’s, “Gates of Steel.”

The album goes on to experiment with some drum and bass style tracks with “Just Go Home” and “Just Keep Going.” The CD winds down with perhaps the most enigmatic piece I ever heard from Al Jorgensen, “I’m Invisible.”  This song has a sort of ultra-cool lounge act vibe draped in seedy Vegas sleaze and second-hand cigarette smoke.  It is a pulsing, yet slow tempo song that is captivating and peculiar.  The video for “I’m Invisible” serves to enhance those feelings that come festering straight up from of the underbelly of our society and remind you that our world has a beautiful facade of ugliness.

If you are in the mood for something different and have ever liked even a note of Al’s music, then Surgical Meth Machine is for you. You will really dig it, although it made me have just a few too many flashbacks of old acid trips.

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