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TECH N9NE Baltimore Maryland Show Review

Posted May 12, 2017 by Ron in Live


Baltimore Soundstage May 10th 2017
By: Ron Senyo

Tonight in the city of Baltimore, Maryland there was a great and wonderful disturbance. No it wasn’t the Metallica show at Raven’s stadium, and no it was that the Nationals were here to visit the Orioles. This perfect storm I speak of is the one and only Tech N9ne. The Soundstage on Market Place in downtown was packed to the max with all his Technicians. We were in the presence of pure talent and genuine talent not to mention the natural ability to entertain.

There was a clock counting down to the moment Tech N9ne attacked the stage building up the tension and excitement burning inside every sweat drenched fan in the building. Then boom! The clock hit 0:00. On the left side of the stage was a digital screen with a interactive evil “devil” Tech, and on the right side was the saint-like “angel” Tech. These personalities or sides of Tech N9ne were interacting with the music through out the show and when it was time for them to come and take center stage the magically seemed to embody the performer in a manner that they felt was most fitting, given the mindset of the song and lyrics. The K.C. MO native really gave some space during his set to let Big Krizz Kaliko really shine, the duo never stopped entertaining and playing off each other.

With several wardrobe changes Tech N9ne reveled various personas each just as elaborate as the last with a nonstop energy. With a set that spanned over two hours, Tech noted “Most rappers sets are waaaay shorter”.  “I’m here for the fans and want everyone to leave this shows being as entertained as you can be.”

He didn’t fail to deliver on that proposition as he pulled out some old school tracks like “Einstein”, “Psycho Bitch”, and “I’m a Playa”and mixed it up with a plethora of tracks spanning his entire career.

Tech has never stopped being an inspiration to all those in the music business period. Regardless of what genre of music you play, or are involved in you should be taking notes on how it’s done by a true professional. He was a master at interacting with the rowdy crowd and he controlled the flow and the energy of the entire evening.  Not to mention that he pulled out some beat-boxing and some freestyle flows so smooth it would knock the panties off a nun. Oh… and speaking of the ladies.  During the song “Areola” Tech didn’t shy away what it’s like to experience an amazing and decadent live show with the ladies showing off every inch of what the good Lord gave them. Tech spotted a woman upfront who had herself exposed and invited her on stage to let everybody in the crowd enjoy just a little taste of what it’s like to be the one and only Tech N9ne.

It has been several years since I last saw Tech live. Since day one he hasn’t veered away from who and what he truly i. Just like a handful of artist before him and even less  after,Tech N9ne has truly embodied absolute meaning the word. Though some may try, there will never be another like him.  I really hope that all the fans, myself included will get to keep seeing and hearing him for years to come.

Tech N9ne may have been in Baltimore tonight, but Baltimore was magically transported to K.C. MO. (Roooooooolllllll). From when you first hear “If flow was a crime, I be doing hella time with a.. click click.. TechN9ne”, to “when I say Tech Tech, you say N9ne, N9ne” until he walks off stage you know you’re going to have one hell of a night.

Tech N9ne will be on tour through May and June in the US with Brotha Lynch Hung,  Krizz Kaliko, and Stevie Stone.

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