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Things Just Got Ugly Between Denis Stoff And Asking Alexandria

Posted October 22, 2016 by Josh Drespling in Empire Extreme News Feed

Last night, Asking Alexandria officially confirmed that they had reunited with their former vocalist Danny Worsnop. In a candid explanation directly to his fans, (watch here) Ben Bruce explained that the band had been unable to contact Denis Stoff and that he allegedly threatened to end the band.

Denis Stoff has remained relatively silent about his departure from the band until last night when he subtly responded to Sumerian Records President Ash Avildsen. The Sumerian boss was commenting on the drama surrounding Stoff’s departure from the band and said there would a follow up video that explained the situation in greater detail.

One of Stoff’s fans sent a harsh Tweet to Avildsen telling him to “fucking grow up” and told him to “get a life”. Denis Stoff ‘liked’ the Tweet directed at Avildsen, telling you everything you need to know about the way he feels about his former bandmates and their record label.

The tweet says “get a life mate, this is more unneeded drama. I would honestly expect this from a 10 year old fucking grow up” and was liked by the former Asking Alexandria vocalist.


Denis Stoff also officially removed Asking Alexandria from his Twitter bio sometime yesterday after the band confirmed his departure. It’s unclear if he actually knew he was out of the band or not but it’s hard to imagine that any of this has caught him by surprise.

It seems like Denis Stoff plans to issue an official response of his own which is why Sumerian’s Ash Avildsen is posturing to post emails and texts.

The response to Asking Alexandria seems generally positive as they are being transparent with their fans and have handled the situation pretty well. It remains to be seen how people will react once Stoff tells his side of the story.

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Things Just Got Ugly Between Denis Stoff And Asking Alexandria
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