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Tribulation: Down Below Album Review

Posted January 29, 2018 by Ryan Hensler in CD Reviews

This is a band that has taken myself and others by their ability to blend so many different styles of music, and several genre’s of Metal, they take all of those several musical influences and they are able to blend it all together the was it should be, and damn does it work for them!

I read several articles on this band since I found out that I am doing the review for Tribulation and their new album Down Below. I have seen where several writers, columnist, major publications, and webzine reviewers like myself. Where they are calling them Goth Rock. I hate too tell you, that there is no Goth Rock too be heard here. I have seen with peers have called them Death Metal.

In my opinion. No way. I do not like putting labels on any band, but I will say this band Is none of the above. They are in a class all in their own. At first I wanted too call them Black Metal, but they are not Black Metal at all. What they are is a super talented band, that has figured away to appease the masses and so many fans who will for sure love what is going on here!

The album Down Below is their best work to date, and there are some ridiculously creative songs on this album that tell a story from beginning to end. Century Media is the label they are signed to, and I hope they realize just how lucky they are to have this band on their roster. Purgatoriois a track that has no vocals, but damn is it freaking creepy it leads you into another blistering track, and Purgatoriois is one of my favorites, but the stand out for me on the album is Here Be Dragons. It is a full on mix of all those genres we talked about early, and it was a perfect way to end the album!!!! There where a great many albums released this week and for me a ton of disappointments, but Tribulation did not disappoint and I can promise you they will not disappoint you as well.

Please give this band a chance, worry about this album first, because it is their best, the production is on point, their engineers in the studio knew exactly what to do, and the producer knew how to work with a band that brings just about everything to the table. This is a must have for anyone who likes something more better than just the usual generic stuff out their. I promise you. You will not be disappointed!


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