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Watch Sock Puppet Parody Of WHITE ZOMBIE's 'More Human Than Human'

Posted October 20, 2016 by Josh Drespling in Empire Extreme News Feed

Just in time for Halloween, Sock Puppet Parody — which pays tribute to iconic bands and glorifies their undergarments — has summoned a festive tune covering WHITE ZOMBIE‘s 1995 track “More Human Than Human”.

The video features a sock puppet Rob Zombie performing with his posse of demented buddies including a werewolf, a pumpkin head, and a mummy. The lyrics convey a harrowing tale of a sock that wasn’t quite dried after a wash. Neglected and forgotten, the sock is consumed with mildew and becomes a stiff, soft-hungry monster that rampages and spreads its moldy fungus to unsuspecting linens.

Sock Puppet Parody previously released videos for “Master Of Sock Puppets” which was based on METALLICA‘s classic 1986 track “Master Of Puppets”, “Wait In Bleach”, parodying SLIPKNOT‘s “Wait And Bleed”, and Folding Hostile”, which used PANTERA‘s “Walk”.

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Watch Sock Puppet Parody Of WHITE ZOMBIE’s ‘More Human Than Human’
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