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Why Are People Pissed At Allegaeon?

Posted November 3, 2016 by Josh Drespling in Empire Extreme News Feed

Over the last few days there has been a sizable backlash facing members of Allegaeon after the band posted an appeal to their fans for financial assistance. In the video, the band gave an honest account of their dire financial situation and informed fans that they would be forced to break up if their income didn’t improve. The video led some to believe that the band had a sense of entitlement, with others outright insulting the band and encouraging them to break up.

The general notion from Allegaeon’s detractors is that the band wanted handouts from their fans, which is downright untrue. The band launched a Patreon account, something very common in the YouTube world, intended to give fans unique access to the band in exchange for small monthly contributions.

For instance, if you donate $5 per month to the band you will receive access to a monthly video hangout, early access to song clips, exclusive content, and guaranteed responses to any questions you have for the band. Sound familiar? If this was called a ‘fan club’, nobody would have ever batted an eye.

Allegaeon even spelled out the financial specifics of the band. If 4% of their Facebook audience [of more than 100,000 fans] contributed $5 per month, they would all be able to pay their bills. It’s not that they feel people are obligated to give them money, it’s that they thought they would be able to get 4% of their audience to care enough about them to keep the band going.

Thus far their appeal to their fans seems to have worked. After launching their Patreon account only a few days ago, the band has added $2,500 of monthly subscriptions for their band. While many people view their new initiative as begging, clearly many of their fans don’t.

It’s important to make the distinction that Patreon is not the same as GoFundMe or any other crowdfunding services. Patreon is a subscription service that is essentially the social media equivalent of a fan club. Fans pay a small monthly fee to get close access to their favorite bands.

The sad thing about the music industry is that the musicians are always the ones to blame. What sort of progress could be made if the people pointing fingers at Allegaeon actually spent time being outraged about the ridiculously low streaming royalties being paid by Spotify and Apple Music that put them in this situation to begin with? Music is continuing to be devalued, but when an artist tries to find a new way to keep their livelihood afloat, they’re chastised.

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Why Are People Pissed At Allegaeon?
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