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Yigga Digga – Faded Glory (review)

Posted May 27, 2016 by JJ Ulizio in CD Reviews

Yigga Digga – Faded Glory

By JJ Ulizio

2016 is seeing all sorts of album releases. Amongst said releases this year is “Faded Glory” the new full length from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s Yigga Digga. If you like thick, chunky palm muted riffs, & flashy guitar leads, coupled with a skilled rhythm section and vocals HEAVILIY reminiscent of 1990’s era James Hetfield of Metallica and Pepper Keenan of Corrosion of Conformity then this may just be an album for you.

The album kicks off fast with the title track and the bands signature chunky riffs with a galloping double bass drum beat and a choppy rapid vocal style that sets a strong pace for the rest of the disc to keep up with. The second track though, takes that established strong pace and slams it into a wall with a slower ballad-like tune called “Slave to the Life”. That being said, I feel this is the strongest song on the album. Solid songwriting, good melody, heartfelt lyrics, catchy hook at the chorus, harmonized guitar leads, but ill placed in the track listing after the pace established by the first track.

Through the course of songs like “Memory,”  “Into Eden,” “Wendigo,”  “Wishing Well,” and pretty much the majority of the album the band falls into an AC/DC like cookie cutter pattern. They start off with a solid and catchy metal, or a stoner rock riff and then they get on said riff like riding a horse into battle with the occasional vocal hook followed by a guitar lead and solo.

Logo-redraw-Rev2-flattenedThe song “Cutter” has different feel to it. Starting off with signature Yigga Digga palm muted guitar riff while the drummer plays a repeating beat rolling across his toms, it started to take on almost a Godsmack feel to it when sharp female vocals began, and quickly put that thought out of your mind. Reminiscent of Joan Jett, it was an interesting and flavorful offset to the feel of the rest of the song. Reaching vocal highs reminiscent of 80 style punk during the verse and crashing hard back into the rock metal vibe for the chorus. This track stands out as a different kind of flavor. Off putting at first because I wasn’t expecting it, but on repeated listens I found myself enjoying it more and more.

The album closes out with a rock/metal interpretation of Johnny Cash’s 2002 release “The Man Comes Around.” A valiant attempt to put a unique spin on one of the last songs Mr. Cash wrote before his death.  Solid riffs and gruff vocals, but as much as I really wanted to like it, it just falls flat. A great cover song keeps the feeling and emotion of the original, while putting unique spin on it. They  did put an interesting spin on the instrumentals of the song, however the feeling and emotion Mr. Cash conveys on his version just gets lost in the heavy riffage.

The musicians in Yigga Digga are extremely skillful and talented. I can imagine this album on rotation with the beer drinkers in the rock bars. If you like catchy riffs, catchy hooks, and guitar solos or are fans of mid 90’s radio metal then this album is for you.  The album drops at their CD release party on 06/10/16 at The Smiling Moose in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  For more info on where you can find Yigga Digga or where you can pick up their music check out their live shows visit their website by clicking here.


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JJ Ulizio
JJ Ulizio

JJ has been a contributing writer and huge asset to Empire and Empire Extreme since the very begining. He is always digging for new bands and has a true heart and desire to see the bands grow and succeed.

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    Kathy Meals

    Yigga Digga has the talent and drive to go as far as they want to. I personally love them. They know how to ROCK the place and crowd. Some of my favorite things about this band are the same things that I love about the greatest rock and rollers we’ve seen in our time. First their best will grab you and then the words will blow your mind. Before you know it you’ll be moving every part of your body to that Yigga Digga beat and be looking for something else you have that you could move. They know how to give you more of what you came for. And they’re not done yet. The emotions that Lead singer Tommy expresses when he sings will make you feel them too. I am proud to say that I love this band and you will too.

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