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You Don’t Know Anything, You Stupid, Selfish, And Embarrassing Internet Metalhead

Posted October 27, 2016 by Josh Drespling in Empire Extreme News Feed

Yesterday, Whitechapel released one of the best music videos to come out in a very long time. The song is extremely personal for the band, as it is about the death of vocalist Phil Bozeman’s father when he was only ten years old. Can you imagine? In the music video, Bozeman tackles thoughts of suicide and depression that he faced in the years that followed.

In typical internet fashion, the scumbag piece of shit jabronis came out in full force. Yes, even when someone writes a song about losing their dad only 10 years old, visits their grave in the video, and releases one of the most personal and substantive music videos we have seen in many years — there were still plenty of intellectual posers out there who found something to complain about.

What on earth could the problem have been, you ask? Well… shucks. The song just wasn’t heavy enough! It needed more br00tal br3akdowns. Obviously, writing something so deeply personal welcomes completely uninvited external input! That’s why there was a disclaimer at the beginning of the video that said “please tell us what you think about this video”. Oh wait… no there fucking wasn’t bitch.

Instead, the “Phil Anselmo never did anything racist” crowd came out from the cringiest crevices of the metal community to tell the band how much they have “completely sold out”, or how “gay” the song is, or that they should “go back to This is Exile”.

Seriously, the same clown ass basement dwellers that have been a black eye for heavy metal music for years are still to this day a constant embarrassment to the genre. For this reason, your favorite bands can’t secure big prime time gigs like the Super Bowl halftime show because their fans are stereotyped as insensitive, racist, wife-beating, suck-asses who have nothing to contribute to general society.

Even worse, everyone with a PC and a copy of Reaper thinks they’re a fucking credentialed insider who pretends like every opinion they share is a peer reviewed study that should be framed and hung up on the wall at Harvard.

These people are not your friend and they do nothing to help the bands you love. They are the same dicks who see a band who doesn’t want to sleep in the venue’s basement for the rest of their careers as “sellouts”. These are the same people who have ZERO clients but will armchair the fuck out of every producer doing their best to put out a quality product.

Whitechapel has released AT LEAST sixty songs, and when they want to release just ONE song with singing on it, these short sighted chodes go into mass hysteria. The internet has been around too long for your bitch asses not to know that you can just keep scrolling and wait for the next track to drop if you don’t like it.

So in summation: shutcho bitch ass up and stop pretending like you even buy music anyway. Stop actin’ like your ‘ol crusty neckbeard ass is some board member investor in a publicly traded company. Nobody cares about your opinion. You’re gonna keep listening. All you’re doing is saying REALLY mean shit about something very personal.

We get it, you’ve lost the ability to feel empathy and you’re all desensitized and shit ever since your parents got you that tablet for your eighth birthday on Christmas and you Googled ‘crazy fights’ — but god damn… have a heart. You never know when you might find yourself losing someone that you love dearly. You don’t have to like anything and everything, but when someone writes a song so personal — show some fucking respect.

Be good to each other, and we will all be better for it.

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You Don’t Know Anything, You Stupid, Selfish, And Embarrassing Internet Metalhead
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