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Abnormality – Mechanisms of Omniscience – Review

Posted May 7, 2016 by George Archibald in CD Reviews


Mechanisms of Omniscience

Reviewed By : George Archibald

From the first seconds of Mechanisms of Omniscience you get an old school death metal feel. For Boston natives Abnormality this marks their second studio release which was released April 29. This band has all the elements of classic death metal, reminiscent of Dying Fetus. Thrashy grinding guitar riffs, blast beats from all directions and growling vocals that will cut to the heart of every listener.

Abnormality’s vocalist , Mallika Sundaramurthy is femal. She hates when that is pointed out, but this powerful woman destroys any and all unwarranted preconceived notions that a female can not kick the ass of any and all of her male counterpart in this industry.

The introduction to this album ‘Swarm”’ hits you right out of the gates with a frenzy of sound. They waste no time in showing what they have with high speed grinding guitar riffs and 16th note double bass patterns. Mallika barks out the vocals at you in almost a George ‘Corpsegrinder’ Fisher fashion. This lively track is a great starting point for this album which pushes through 10 tracks of pure heaviness.

This album however did leave me wanting a little more. The production at times is a bit muddy and the vocals sometimes can seem buried in the mix. For an album of 2016 release, many of its former predecessors have done better many years before the formation of this band. I did a little test for myself and compared it to 2003s Stop at Nothing by Dying Fetus and in my opinion The DF album wins out of clarity and mixing as the vocals really stand out. Abnormality’s live show definitely shows they have the chops and the vocalist can cut through the mix, I just wish it was a bit more evident on this album.

Mechanisms of Omniscience is definitely for the death metal enthusiast who loves in your face aggressive songs that push the tempo. A soundtrack to the slaughter, or even a great work out in the gym this album will have you moving.


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