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Battlecross – Interview

Posted May 8, 2016 by Ron in Interviews

Hailing from the bitter northern wasteland of Detroit, Battlecross embodies the term “Blue Collar Thrash”. They have taken their blend of technical, fist pumping thrash and integrated it with the aggression and brutality of modern death metal to make old school feel new again. Maybe it’s something in the water that makes Battelcross so relentless in their pursuit of the perfect blend of head pounding rhythms and ear piercing solos. Whatever the cause, Battlecross is prepared to take over the metal world on every continent and beyond.

Battlecross-001EMPIRE: How is the tour so far getting to play with Soulfly and Suffocation?
Gumby: It’s a good first week everything is going smooth you know good venues so far no cluster fucks.

EMPIRE: Excited about it though getting to play with icons like Soulfly and Suffocation?
Gumby: Ya, I can’t remember if I used my McDonald’s paycheck to buy Roots or sold drugs for it.

EMPIRE: Probably a mixture of both?
Gumby: I probably used the McDonald’s money to buy drugs to sell, then bought the album (laughs).

EMPIRE: So you guys are from the Michigan area? How does the metal scene compared to the East Coast/West Coast
Gumby: Yeah, and it fucking sucks man! In Michigan you have to come up and out of the way. You have to travel 3 hours to get out of anywhere, but we clawed our way out of it. We had some help from Dahlia Murder we manage to get around. (Not get around) Michigan use to be real rich now it’s real poor, they can’t even have clean water.

Battlecross-002EMPIRE: If you describe to anyone who hasn’t heard of Battlecross before?
G: We are thrash metal with melodic death metal, death metal vocals and high energy. That’s it.

E: With all that brutality, what’s the craziest thing that ever happened at a show?
G: (starts to tell about people getting blowjobs in the dressing room)

E: (laughing) No, no… I meant more like at the show like crowd wise?
G: We played Delaware once, it was nuts at some shitty ass club but it was packed in. It was like old hardcore show kids flying over each other, everybody knowing the words to our songs. It was just crazy! That was really cool.

E: If you had a Time machine and can go back to see any band what band would you go see and what year?
G: Hank Sr. in like the 20s, I think. I want to go to like Oklahoma with the honky tonks and the swing halls. That be fuckin’ sick. That’s what I was raised on.

Photo-Apr-28,-9-27-50-PME: If you had a dream team, you can chose your band with any 3 bands to do a world tour, who would you choose?
G: Metallica, Killswitch Engage and Pantera. I just love me some Killswitch

E: Any plans on new CD or material?
G: I think we are due out sometime next winter or spring. Probably after we get back from Europe start working on new stuff.

E: I always ask every death metal band … Carebears or My little Pony?
G: Carebears.. Dark heart man.. Dark Heart…

E: Anything else you would like to tell the fans?
G: Come out and see Battlecross. Bang your head, don’t be a lazy prick! I’ll sweat for every cent you pay to get into the door.

E: I’m excited to see you guys again. I first seen you at Mayhem Fest all the way back in the lawn so this will be awesome to see you in small club. Thanks for taking the time to chat man..
G: Appreciate it..

Interview & Photos by Ron S.






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