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Davey Suicide – Interview By Ron Senyo

Posted May 17, 2016 by Ron in Interviews


Davey_Suicide-006Davey Suicide

Hybrid industrial strength L.A. sleaze

by Ron Senyo

In you love industrial influenced metal, L.A. sleaze, punk attitude, and theatrics; then Davey Suicide is the band for you. They are a hybrid of classic industrial elements laden with emotion, big guitars, and powerful vocals. They often receive comparisons to Marilyn Manson or Nine Inch Nails, but you can also hear bands like Dope roaring though on the track “Generation F**K Star”.

The name Davey Suicide would seem to draw parallels to goth girls cutting themselves and less than happy times, but the band explains the name, “Suicide” is a constant reminder that unless we kill ourselves, there’s no ceiling for what we are capable of.“

Singer Davey Suicide, drummer Drayven, and keyboardist Needlz hung out with Empire Extreme before their explosive show in Baltimore MD.

13177232_10154218847858470_1055636316535727109_nEmpire: What have to say to people that compare you to other bands like Manson, In this Moment, Motionless in White?
 I’m fine with that. I like all those bands. At least we get put into good company. So I don’t mind.
Davey Suicide:  People have to have a constant; they need to put things into categories so they can understand. That’s just the human race. And compartmentalizing is part of it too.
Needlz:  I get confused by it. They say “The Hole is Where the Heart Is” sounds like Marilyn Manson, and I’m like no it doesn’t. Why because he screams and there is a swing beat or something.

You did shows with Twiztid. How was the Juggalo reaction to Davey Suicide?
This time around it was pretty on point. I think we have been accepted and they were down for it. I think the lineup was more conducive for Juggalos too last year it wasn’t as strong.

Being a tattoo artist does it feel kind of odd or weird to cover them up with the stage outfit?
Davey Suicide:
I don’t think I ever got tattoos to show them off, They were more symbolic of a time period. To me covered or not covered it doesn’t really matter what the public reception of them are. When were in stage mode that’s all I really think about.

13076692_10154170934993470_522230562229888877_nAre you guys working on a new CD? Material..
Yes sir.
Same sound?
Davey Suicide:
This is an evolution. It has an electronic sound to it. Its got big guitars sounds to it. I feel we’re going to be in the whole Korn, Five Finger Death Punch, and In this Moment type world. It’s got a more worldly sound to it.
Needlz:  It definitely sounds like Davey Suicide but bigger and better.

What’s your favorite venue to play?
Davey Suicide:
I don’t really associate with the venue. Its more how good the experience was. We just played Providence, Rhode Island. Psychologically if we had a killer show were going back there. When you have good hospitality and stages are big, like the Agora in Cleveland, we like that.
Drayven: House of Blues in Chicago is always one of our favorites. Scout Bar in Houston too. It’s just the people make it feel like family.
Needlz:  Knitting Factory in Boise Idaho.

Davey_Suicide-003What’s the best thing anyone said to you guys and worst said to you? Maybe at a show?
I brush off most of the bad stuff. I really don’t care. You don’t have to listen to us and don’t have to like us. I do like when people say that we’re not really there cup of tea, but they come see us and tell us “You put on a hell of a fucking show”.
Davey Suicide: The negativity and all the noise is funny to us. We talk and make parody videos about it and the comments that go along with it. You find that most people that have something to say are the people that spent the least amount of time investigating what they are talking about. They also have these things in their life their not too happy about. In a sense, I kind of pity them a little. Because we know we rule!

Favorite Horror movie/comedy /chick flick?
Davey Suicide:
I like Devils Rejects and the Saw movies. I also like psychological thrillers, like Silence of the Lambs. The first thing that came to my mind isn’t a movie. It was the David Chappelle  stand up and specials. That was a brilliant season of comedy. We all spoon to Titanic and 50 First Dates.
Davey_Suicide-007Drayven: Old Poltergeist and shit like that. 3 Amigos is up there and any Mel Brooks, Spaceballs or History of the World.  I think he’s a fucking genius. Then The Notebook always gets me teared up.
Needlz: This is a weird one. Remember the movie The Cell? I think either Van Wilder or Office Space are my two favorite comedy movies, but I’ll go with the spooning to Titanic.

If you coud bring back any musician that has died who would bring back?
Drayven & Needlz:
Bonham and Bowie.
Davey Suicide:  I would say Morrison and Freddie Mercury.

I read that you’re a huge Axl Rose fan.  Are you planning on seeing them for the reunion tour?
Davey Suicide:
 If I’m home in August when there playing LA., then me and a couple of my friends from out there want to go. We wanted to go to Coachella to see them, but that didn’t happen. I have seen some of the Youtube videos. It’s just one of those things. I want to see if there is any magic there.
Drayven:  I think it’s all bullshit. The reunion thing is all bullshit. It pisses me off. There is no Izzy, no Adler!  It’s not a reunion! I don’t give a shit!

If you had the opportunity to be AC/DC’s new singer would you take it?
Davey Suicide:
 I don’t like there music enough and maybe everyone will hate me for say that. I cannot do things that I’m not passionate about. I could care less honestly. They are a great rock band and they established an amazing sound, great songs, but not for me.
Needlz: For the record, I would do it.

If you had chance to play any festival in the world which would you choose?
I’m going to say Warp Tour. God can they just… I think we would kill it at Warp Tour. It’s something we have been talking about for some time now.
Drayven:  I would do Download. It’s a awesome festival and the lineup is always killer.
Davey Suicide:  Yeah, I would say Download. Rock am Ring.

If you had the chance to work with anyone would you want to collaborate with?
Davey Suicide:
Axl, Manson, or Eminem any one of them. I just like to see how their creative process is and learn and see what comes out.
Davey_Suicide-014Drayven: Trent Reznor for sure.
Needlz: If we’re shooting for the stars I would definitely say Trent. In This Moment would be a good vocalist for a song of ours because we love her. That’s probably our favorite girl singer in the rock scene right now.

Anything else you want to say to the fans?
Thank you. Keep supporting.
Davey Suicide:  Yep, good things are coming.  Think our third record is going to be a monster.



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